• Dear neighbor, you find your place in insulated tzintzari through this site know that I 2-0% of the consideration. (And if neighbor? Mm .. more negotiating: P)
  • one pal says:
    3 floor I said I'm moving! :-)) Yes pls come with the locomotive at me .. be more thrilling encounter =)) HaiNuiNimic :-): *: * kisssssssessssss, DD

    Lawrence says:
    uhh ... that come with Logic locomotive to you ... but you see I need to do oil changes when they reach 3 :))))) Um ... and do not forget to Cecilia ... maybe she comes 3 it's more exciting in 3
  • "That was the big log - what to say"

    I feel like giving too much attention to what I see, but there are things that I come unglued and do not understand how I can be prosecuted for some words spoken in a discussion "fun" even more confidence to be questioned . To make a joke in a comment and be judged for it ... mvai.
    Perhaps it was a game at which I started I did not understand any rules today and now I no longer care to even look at him.
    Monitor watch ... come from smoke and realize how fragile it was all from the beginning. Now I think one thinks to Iasi and one for .... away. ;-)
    PS. What I do if I was an actor and had to play Romeo and Juliet? ;-)


    I heard today shoapte of colors headboards. ;-)


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