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Jobs for rain
Almost two hundred people prayed for rains came yesterday in common Latinu Braila. This was brought miraculous icon of Our Lady of Galati County Mănăstriea Adam and priests officiated special service. /
[environment priest - Earth gives rain ... and fill your most fertile waters, for behold Earth to stand before a small breast with dried Locals say that the area has not rained in January. VOX babe- - I came to pray for rain, it rains we do to the corn, wheat Vox God help us - - pray for rain. He was so service to the village. He was, but much. The miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary will remain at mănăstrirea Maxineni until Sunday when it will celebrate the patron of this place of worship. ]

The above is copied (copy / paste systems) of transcript News 23/6/2007 XCHARX 5:00 @ Reality TV: D

environment priest - It got to the editorial material complete with a priest? or to imagine how the editor looks Monastery, left and right `not available after a colleague a religious recital? :))

VOX babe - Here comes into play and team mates from reality. .

Another interesting material "analyzed" and do little scenario is one in 23/6/2007 XCHARX 0:00:03 : TENS OF fainted from the heat Bucharest

[ Both, 25: 22-25: 28 ( I came here sick and I fell in the street ... ) Ambition, 29: 15: 29: 25 the ambulance doctor tells him what to do (May take a sip of water, and ask you not to go out and drink plenty of water ...) synchronous tc: 27: 39 -27: 47 (fourth case is fallen in the street this morning, I had many emergencies, we were not at all.) Because of the large number of applications, but also because of unruly drivers and the rehabilitation of Capital ambulance crews hardly get calls. Both the ambulance away ....Tc: 16: 52-17: 02 ( Go ambulance drivers who do not give in ... aside. nino nino .... ) Ambition, ambulance crew arrive at the event, Tc: 00: 49-1: 03 ( One lying on the floor reached by doctor ... ) Synchronous ambulance medical coordinator, Mihaela Badica, Tc: 23: 00-grade 0 in emergencies if the ambulance is about to get even 10 5 minutes unless at least half an hour. 2 degree in emergencies is a few hours bune.-23: 10 Both rescue beaconTC: 17: 07-17: 11 ]

Next material blocked my imagination all ... Click on the screenshot:

Beautiful Orange are my numbers! =))

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Transcript News - Reality TV

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