Transform Windows 7 in Android (Android Themes / Skins Transformation Pack)

is an operating system with a graphical interface very attractive and well planned, but after a while a change of "scenery" may be welcome, especially if you find a theme () Or a graphical interface to satisfy us. For those who are attracted by the operating system interface (Dedicated to mobile phones / smartphones) Android Skin Pack is a pretty good solution.

Android Skin Pack completely transforms the operating system interface Windows 7.

The fact that the installation pack was included (useful for modifying system files) makes Android Skin Pack even the most inexperienced user installed Windows.

Install Android Windows NEVER THEME

After installing this pack, Windows 7 will be unrecognizable. :-)

Windows 7 Android Transformation Pack 2

Android Themes Windows  7

Windows 7 Android Transformation Pack23

Android Themes Windows 7 - Control Panel

As can be seen in Sites above, Android Skin Pack change so system folder icons, , program icons (for the most common ones), and styleCPC the, si cursor.

Download Android Skin Pack (x86 / 32-bit)

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Download 64-bit version and support: hameddanger.

This pack is compatible on all versions of Windows 7 , Windows 7 SP1 , Windows Server 2008 R2 , Windows 2008 R2 Server SP1 x86 and x64. To uninstall enough to go to to "Uninstall a Program"And to remove the pack.
Both the installation and the uninstall will need to restart your computer.

Windows 7 Android Style / Theme Download.

Transform Windows 7 in Android (Android Themes / Skins Transformation Pack)

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