Transform Windows XP SP2 in XP SP3 without upgrade

As already knew Probably the (or did not know) Microsoft has stopped support for Windows XP SP2 in July this year (2010). This means that for any security issue, vulnerability and so on. be discovered at OS Windows, Between versions XP only SP3 the longer receives patches for them, which makes SP2 the (And previous versions) to be somewhat (less) risky. One possibility would be to upgrade there Windows XP SP3. But even if it is the most recommended IT-ists and, of course, by Microsoft, this is not a suitable solution for all XP users. That's because, as we've been there we XP Service Pack 3 gave serious failures on multiple PCs users, Thus earning a reputation for SP unstable.

So if you still use a XP operating system SP2 and do not want to upgrade to SP3 (an extremely simple solution would be upgrade to Windows 7 : D) because not very pleasant experiences you've had with it, you can solve the problem of security support convincing SP2 believe that the fact is SP3 (thus OS XP SP2 will remain but will be identified as XP SP3) With a small Registry hack.

How can we transform XP to XP SP2 SP3 using system registry

  • open registry Editor (open Run, type regedit and give Enter) And navigate to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MAChinSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlWindows
  • in the right pane, right - click on the entry (DWORD) CSDVersion and select Modify menu displayed
  • then edit hexadecimal value (Hexadecimal) - and not the decimal (!) - of the input from 200 in 300 and click on OK
  • close regedit and restart the PC for the changes to take effect.

Note: Microsoft does not recommend this method (obviously). Because it is a registry change, make a backup of them before you follow the steps above to avoid unpleasant consequences.

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