Three critical vulnerabilities were found in Windows 8

It was not even a month after launch of Windows 8and microsoft already announced that they discovered some critical vulnerabilities in it, which fortunately will be solved in series Security updates This week (Tuesday patches).


Among the vulnerabilities that will receive patches this week include some which affects many Windows versions, starting with Windows XP (SP3) up to Windows 8 si Windows Server 2012, Released him in September this year. Among these are included Critical 3 for Windows 8 and a critical RT WindowsOperating system for tablets Microsoft SurfaceWho can afford remote code execution pe vulnerable systems.

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They will also receive Security updates both browser Internet Explorer (Versions IE6, IE7 si IE8 for Windows XP will not receive updates) in order to patch a vulnerability that allows ui drive-by attacks (When When users visit malicious websites cu malware) And suites OfficeWhere a computer might allow remote code execution when users open a infected Office document (Code can run only if the user opens the document).

So users Windows 8 will have to be careful (if not set to automatic updates) And install mandatory patches that Microsoft will make available this week (in total, are 6 updates that will solve 19 vulnerabilities).

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Three critical vulnerabilities were found in Windows 8

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