Send and receive emails on and MSN, Gmail (POP3)

If you use multiple email addresses hosted by different providers (live, yahoo, gmail), There is a simple solution to not have to get into all accounts to receive and send e-mails. It is enough to set up accounts, or yahoo.comIn account gmail.

Here's how to set a address in your Gmail account:

1. Log into your Gmail account and go to link "Settings"(Somewhere in the top right).

2. Under "Settings", click on the tab "Accounts", and "Get mail from other email accounts of your" click "Add an e-mail that you have".

live mail on gmail 1

3. Enter your address & “Next Step”

insert live mail

4. Add your account settings. Enter address, password and set:

POP server:
Port: 995

Check the box for SSL connection.

log adress live

5. Set if you want to send mail from Gmail account with address.

send mail live

6. To check if yours address to the address you set will be sent an email with a validation code (Send check). Intart in account and copy the verification code.


After entering the correct code and click the "Check" address is set to gmail account. Receive and send emails directly from gmail account.


To set a Yahoo! Mail account, it takes account Yahoo! Mail Plus, Or a hack. Back :)

Send and receive emails on and MSN, Gmail (POP3)

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