You're ready (to)?

I do not know if I'm ready but I started documenting.

  1. To prepare to become a mother, wearing a bathrobe and drop your belly a bag full of beans. After 9 months, just remove 10% of bag contents!
    For dads: run quickly to the pharmacy, empty your wallet on the counter and pharmacist invited to serve. After that, go to the supermarket and ask that your salary will be paid directly into the account store.
  2. To get an idea of ​​how you will spend your evenings, between 17h and scroll 22h long and wide living room in her arms wearing wet bag weighing between 4 and 6 kg. At left 22h bag, adjust the 00h00 alarm and go to bed. At midnight, wake up and go through the living room again wearing the bag for an hour. Set the alarm clock at 3h00. Impossible to sleep, obviously, so I wake up at 2h00 and serve your drink. 2h45 return to bed. When the alarm sounds, a quarter of an hour later, wake up! Swing sing songs till 4h00. Set the alarm to 5h00. Wake up and prepare breakfast. 5 keep this pace for years ... without losing your good mood!
  3. Empty a watermelon and practices means a hole the size of a golf ball. Suspend it from the ceiling with a rope and swing it from left to right. A bowl of soup (very liquid) try to feed "watermelon" (which is moving), playing to the plane with a spoon. Continue the exercise until your plate is half empty, pour the rest ... on your knees ... bravo! Now you know how to feed a baby!
    To get an idea of ​​what will happen when he starts going, displayed jam on the couch and curtains, put a little over frozen behind the TV and leave it there for a month or two ...
  4. Dressing the little ones is not really a formality. Start by buying an octopus and a place for fish. Try entering octopus in place. Provided for: all morning.
  5. I hope you do not have another car clean and shiny as the day you bought it. Buy a vanilla ice cream and left it in the box on the board. Enter a currency cassette (or CD player). Crush a packet of chocolate biscuits or rear seat. Finally, each door with a nail scratch.
  6. Go to the supermarket accompanied by something that is closest to a small child: an adult goat (o giraffe mature pouch and fitted with prosthesis) preferable. If you intend to have more children, use more goats. Make purchases without getting rid of them and paying without comment everything they have destroyed.

Okay ... someone want? :))

You're ready (to)?

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