Tutorial: Installing fonts on Windows XP

Interesting title, but to see what tutorial give me stuff from this time (03: 22AM) after I had a lapse a few minutes. Must install three (3) fonts on the PC, I was confused by Keyword installation and we walk the crazy cursor on desktop, that I could not think of how to install a font. Hard hard. Especially since I did this dozens of times (about after every reinstallation Win XP).

Tutorial - Font installation .

- say copy one piece (or several pieces) font , right-click -> copy / Ctrl+C and yes pasta / Ctrl+V in the C: \WINDOWS\Fonts (If the operating system is installed on C: \).

- That's it.

*tutorial only for very advanced users. The Coder Microsoft up.

On Linux install a font, so pretty with commas. At least for me.

Tutorial the operating system Linux. (In Romanian language).

Tutorial: Installing fonts on Windows XP

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