Safari with anti-tracking and new functions for videos on macOS High Sierra

Apple reconfirms this year that you care a lot about the privacy policy of users who use the company's devices and services. After announcing that the "cleaning" in the App Store has started, being targeted primarily the applications and games that do not respect the privacy of the private data of those who download and use them,… Read More

How to set an ad to appear only on your Mobile version Desktop of a Website

WordPress has not been a simple blogging platform for a long time. It allows us to develop from simple blogs with a minimalist design to complex portals and forums or even online stores as a whole, thanks to the WooCommerce plugin and other E-Commerce functions that can be integrated in WordPress. Except for the presentation sites of the companies and Read More

Beware of misleading and promotions of Evomag BLACK FRIDAY

Like any internet user who sometimes also makes online purchases, before placing an order, we follow the offers of several online stores that own the product. Of course, the first time we look at the price of the product and the discount. We compare the price of the same product (product with the same technical specifications!) On all online stores. The place where many buyers fall, more… Read More

How to disable the creatives for applications in the Start Menu on Windows 10

Besides the many new features brought by the 1511 update of Windows 10, Microsoft has also introduced "recommended applications" in the Start Menu. An attempt by Microsoft to encourage users to Windows 10 to install applications from your own store, from the Store. We do not see the benefits of this feature for users. We could even say that it is… Read More

Wink and Star-Light, two own brands of electronics and appliances, launched eMag

The famous online retailer eMAG is about to launch new products in the electronics and appliances category, brought to Romania under its own brands Wink (mobile devices and accessories) and Star-Light (electronics and appliances). For some time now, eMAG has been selling several entry-level tablet models under the new Wink brand, and in the first half of the year urm Read More

Claim the Windows 8: Beautiful & Fast

Girls, if you still needed an extra reason to use Windows 8! :) Note: Desi Windows can inspire this reaction quite often, DON'T try this at home! (at least not the part where the table plays a relevant role). STEALTH SETTINGS - Windows 8 Commercial: Beautiful & Fast

Claim Samsung Galaxy S4? Or anti-advertising iPhone?

So some smartphones are smarter than other smartphones? Samsung has been accustomed to being at the top since the Galaxy S2 smartphone was chosen as the phone of the year in 2011, given that last year alone the company spent more than $ 4 billion on marketing to strengthen its position against Apple and the famous iPhone. And Read More

The first TV commercial Windows NOTHING [Microsoft Ad]

Microsoft released the first TV commercial for their new operating system, Windows 7. About a month and a half before its official launch, a cute little girl talks about the "happy words" she found on her father's computer monitor. :) An interesting and well thought out thing, the "cheerful images" in the ad contain quotes… Read More