Fix NGINX Error: could not allocate new session in SSL session shared cache “le_nginx_SSL” while SSL handshaking

A typical web server error with NGINX and Certbot, which I recently discovered in error.log: It is an error that occurs sporadically, only in certain scenarios and most often on high traffic websites. Large number of queries. "Le_nginx_SSL", as can be deduced from the name, is responsible for the SSL sessions served… Read More

FIX HUGE SQL tables: wp_actionscheduler_actions & wp_actionscheduler_logs [WooCommerce Tips]

WooCommerce has become a widely used module by more and more online stores. SEO, product management, inventory, clean and intuitive code, simple administration interface and thousands of plugins developed for Woo, are just some of the arguments for which it is worth a chance when you think of developing an online store. Like any CMS, no Read More

TLS / SSL Certificates - A new limit of validity imposed since September 2020

The maximum (lifetime) validity of SSL / TLS certificates has varied greatly in recent years, and each time changes were made, the time limit was shorter. Before 2011, the maximum lifespan of TLS certificates was between 8 and 10 years, following that after 2011, CA / Browser Forum (Certification… Read More

How to replace FirewallD with iptables on CentOS 7

Bot attacks and malware applications on websites are the order of the day, and companies that offer security solutions try their best to keep up and face daily challenges. In addition to complex software applications, able to identify, analyze and automatically block computer attacks on a web server,… Read More

Fix Error: SMTP 451 (Temporary local problem - please try later)

One problem that many server administrators face right now is a less common SMTP error that occurs when sending an e-mail message. SMTP 451 (Temporary local problem - please try later) This is not a hacking or problem caused by an error… Read More

Content Encoding Error / Cannot Decode Raw Data (Fix Error NSURLErrorDomain)

“Content Encoding Error”Or“ Cannot Decode Raw Data ”is the same error, the message being different from one internet browser to another. This error can occur when we try to access a web page from your computer or mobile phone. Safari users also receive an error code following the message: NSURLErrorDomain - Read More

What is it and how we block the access of a User Agent (Bot or Browser) on a website [NGINX Tips]

First of all, let's see in general what this user-agent of an internet browser is and what it is used for. What is a User Agent (or User-Agent)? Everything that means internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefoc, Chrome, etc.) have an agent software that interacts with the website you are visiting, at the host server level. This Read More

php.php_.php7_.gif - WordPress Malware (Pink X Image in Media Library)

A strange thing was recently reported to me on several WordPress sites. Problem data php.php_.php7_.gif The mysterious appearance of a .gif image with a black "X" on a pink background. In all cases, the file was named "php.php_.php7_.gif", with the same properties everywhere. The interesting part is that this file was not uploaded by a… Read More

502 Bad Gateway / Cloudflare Down - HowTo Fix

Cloudflare is an excellent service in many ways, and for website owners or webmasters it is often an oxygen bubble. DNS manager, caching system, SSL administration with HTTPS redirection rules, crypto, firewall and many other options are available for free through Cloudflare. Read More

Fix [HTTP Error] client intended to send too large body [Media Upload WordPress]

“HTTP Error”Is a common error among WordPress users who use the classic method of uploading pictures, documents and other files. Every time we encounter an SQL error, HTTP, it is good to check the logs in the server. They can give us more information about the error message displayed in the browser. Here is an example of… Read More