BlackBerry Connect to the Internet via DM

Finally a useful thing from RIM. At least lately the updates to BlackBerry Desktop Manager did not bring anything new / useful. In BlackBerry DM v.5.0.1, the option to connect to the Internet via the BlackBerry Modem has appeared. Cool. Very useful option for those who have Mobile Internet subscriptions (Orange / Vodafone) Read More

BOLT BlackBerry Browser 1.5

About the BOLT mobile browser, I wrote here before, one and I also gave the download links. Recently, a new version of BOLT (BOLT 1.5) was released. The new version comes with some significant changes. BOLT 1.5 BlackBerry Browser - Server upgrades (make v1.5 15% faster than Beta3) - Cache support that Read More

BlackBerry Software Update (BlackBerry® Pearl ™ 8100 & BlackBerry® Curve ™ 8300 Series)

RIM recently released a new software version (OS) for BlackBerry devices in the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, BlackBerry Curve 8300 & BlackBerry® 8800 Series. * render HTML Rich Content email messages, including embedded images, external images, font formatting, paragraph formatting, and more. * edit and format Microsoft® Word files (97… Read More

BlackBerry Yahoo! Messenger - Service not enabled for this handheld

Many BlackBerry smartphone owners have installed Yahoo! Messenger (the version dedicated to RIM devices), complains about login problems. The most common error is: Service not enabled for this handhand. This error occurs regardless of whether the Yahoo! Messengers are correct or not. “Service not enabled for this Read More

Opera Mini 5 Beta - Manage & Read Feeds (RSS Reader)

A few days ago, the latest version of Opera Mini (Opera Mobile) was launched. Opera Mini 5 Beta, comes with a number of changes and improvements compared to the previous version (Opera Mini 4.2), but this version beta it still has many unknowns to users. Besides the multitude of novelties brought in Opera Mini 5 Beta (tabbed… Read More

Download BlackBerry BOLT Browser

A good alternative for BlackBerry Browser, BlackBerry WAP Browser and Opera Mini 4.2 for BlackBerry, is BOLT Browser. BOLT Browser is a complete Mobile Internet Browser, compatible on most BlackBerry smartphone models. Currently under development beta, the browser promises maximum security for online browsing on your smartphone. We tested this browser Read More

Setup Bluetooth Connection on BlackBerry Desktop Manager - Turn on Bluetooth Support

Many BlackBerry owners have trouble connecting their device via Bluetooth to their PC / notebook via BlackBerry Desktop Manager. BlackBerry Desktop Manager offers two possibilities to connect / synchronize the smartphone with the computer. The fastest connection for data transfer and synchronization (BlackBerry Synchronize) is via USB cable, but the convenient method to synchronize… Read More

Instant Messaging for BlackBerry - BeejiveIM [BlackBerry Download]

BeejiveIM is one of the most popular applications for Instant Mobile Messaging. The application allows users to connect from their mobile device (phone / smartphone) to the most popular IM networks. (GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Jabber, AIM, etc.), benefiting from almost all the options of a PC Messenger client. The possibility to … Read More

BlackBerry App Error 523 - Reset - [Solving] & Reinstall BlackBerry OS

App Error 523, is an application error that occurs on most BlackBerry smartphone models. From BlackBerry Pearl to BlackBerry Storm, Curve and Bold, this error sometimes makes its presence felt. The error occurs after installing some applications, and the strong phase is that the error does not disappear by simply uninstalling the application considered… Read More

Edit & Import Contacts / Address Book [PC to BlackBerry]

One of the most stressful things for a BlackBerry owner is managing the phonebook address book). If the phone numbers are not stored on the SIM, the transfer can be made to the phone's memory and the phone's memory is empty, editing over 100 contacts would take a long time. (at least on BlackBerry… Read More