When he will be withdrawn Windows 10 and what PC we need for Windows 11. Windows 10 end of life

Immediately after Microsoft unveiled the future operating system Windows 11, many have wondered what will happen in the near future with Windows 10. If we can still install Windows 10 and if we receive more updates after Windows 11 will be available to the general public. The concern of many is justified, especially as… Read More

How to choose the cheapest and best performing laptop (notebook) for school / college

I recently looked at several online stores for a laptop (notebook) with decent performance and a fair value for money. Decent performance, but enough to cope with the Microsoft Office suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), a Skype and support an online school platform. A laptop that is suitable for… Read More

TLS / SSL Certificates - A new limit of validity imposed since September 2020

The maximum (lifetime) validity of SSL / TLS certificates has varied greatly in recent years, and each time changes were made, the time limit was shorter. Before 2011, the maximum lifespan of TLS certificates was between 8 and 10 years, following that after 2011, CA / Browser Forum (Certification… Read More

Microsoft introduces Double Key Encryption - A security solution with double encryption of secret data

Microsoft is working hard to increase the security of important data, both for simple users and for companies, public institutions and those who demand a high level of security and confidentiality. The company announced today that it has launched a "preview" for the public (beta), a new data encryption feature, Double Key Encryption, for Microsoft users… Read More

Apple will launch a line of Macbook ultraportables dedicated to working from home (Remote Work)

All computers Mac si MacBook are currently equipped with Intel processors. What many users do not know Mac, is that these processors were not the first present on a Mac. They appeared on Mac about 15 years ago and replaced PowerPC processors. These processors appeared in the pioneering phase… Read More

Qbot, an old malware, current danger for Internet Banking customers

A recent press release from SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service) shows that during this period there is an ongoing cyber attack targeting customers of Internet Banking platforms. PC via Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox, they have a very good chance of doing… Read More