Fix ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Black Screen After ASUS Logo Boot

We could say that ASUS is a Taiwanese company with top products and good quality, but the other day I had a less pleasant surprise with a gaming laptop. ASUS GL553V - Republic of Gamers (ROG). After installing the system and operating (we are talking about a new laptop bought without OS), the laptop remains locked immediately after… Read More

How to install Classic Solitaire from Windows XP on Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Microsoft Solitaire (Classic Solitaire) is the game that has been most handy for users Windows. An excellent card game for boredom and waste of time. It is played only with the mouse, does not require knowledge of keys and computers, Probably Solitaire is the simplest game for any level of PC user. Classic Solitaire… Read More

How To Fix GeForce Experience Update Error - Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Try again later.

An error encountered especially on PCs / laptops that have operating system Windows 10 and video card (video graphic card) dedicated to NVIDIA GeForce Experience. The error occurs when we try to update the driver for the NVIDIA video card. “Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Try again later ”. Basically this error makes it impossible to update the NVIDIA driver for Read More

GTX Titan X, a new video card NVIDIA announced

Recently, NVIDIA confirmed both the complete technical features of the new GTX Titan X video card and the sale price. The new GPU has 3.072 CUDA cores, 8 billion transistors and a bandwidth of 7 teraflops. There are also another 0,2 teraflops for calculations that need increased accuracy. ... Read More

8bit Doves, a free application to the App Store for gamers

The time of the week long awaited by a significant number of users iPhone and the iPad has arrived since Apple updated this morning the App Store Recommendations page and did not forget to announce the application of the week. Of course the application of the week is offered free of charge Apple, and for the next seven days we will have the opportunity to… Read More

Steam Link, a new hardware accessory for video games

Valve unveiled at the Game Developers Conference a new hardware accessory for televisions. It is called Steam Link and wants easy access to video games from a Steam PC on any TV in the house. The new device will benefit from the In-home Streaming functionality, which promises high resolution and framerate, at a price… Read More

Razer Blade laptop with significant improvements for gamers

For gaming enthusiasts who wanted a powerful laptop that was at the same time compact enough to be easily transported, the list of options is not very varied. One of the most interesting offers, Razer Blade has been updated with an increased memory, new video card and a much… processor Read More

Optimization / Tweak Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 - Get less RAM and CPU consumption.

When installing a state-of-the-art game or complex software (such as Adobe Photoshop CS5), the first question we ask ourselves is, "Do I have enough system resources (RAM / CPU / Video Card) for the game / software?" .Even if we have the minimum recommended resources for a game or software, it is possible to appear during the game or work… Read More

2010 FIFA World Cup Theme for Windows 7

Fans of the 2010 FIFA World Cup football game ™ developed by EA Sports, can now enjoy a graphic theme for operating systems Windows 7. 2010 FIFA World Cup ™ Windows 7 Theme was developed by Microsoft in partnership with EA Sports, and can be downloaded for free from the official Microsoft website. ... Read More

How to run games at optimum speeds in Windows [Boost Gaming Performance]

It has probably happened to you many times to install a game on the computer provided, but by the end of the day (in the best case of the week…) you sent it for a walk for various reasons with a common premise: PC configuration incompatible with that game (jerky image and sound, errors, lag and other "wonders"). If … Read More