How admindelete passwords saved in Google Chrome - Delete, edit, view

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In the next tutorial we will see how adminwe store passwords saved in Google Chrome. How to delete all saved passwords, how to disable your personal Google account in Chrome and how we can see saved passwords in Chrome. Saving passwords in the browser is the simplest method of authentication when entering online stores, forums, payment sites… Read More

How to set up the DNS TXT zone for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC and how to prevent business e-mail messages from being rejected by Gmail - Mail delivery failed

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AdministratorSevere private email businesses for business often face a lot of problems and challenges. From the SPAM waves to be blocked by specific filters, the security of correspondence in the local e-mail server and remote servers, the configuration and monitoring of SMTP, POP, IMAP services, plus many and many other SPF configuration details, Read More

Chrome Flags - How to enable hidden features of Google Chrome [Dark Mode]

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Before launching some features, Google adds so-called "flags" in Chrome. These are features that some of them will be present on future final versions. Chrome Flags are relatively hidden options, but with a simple line typed in the address bar, these new options already added in Chrome 78 can already be tested… Read More

Google will block web pages with mixed content (Mixed Content)

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The significant increase in the number of Internet users in recent years has automatically led to a greater interest from malicious people in exploiting this virtual environment. There are hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks every day globally, and attackers do not take into account whether the targets are public institutions, military, companies or… Read More

Chrome 76 - One update required by Google Chrome users

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In a few days, on July 30, Google will launch Chrome 76. Good news for users and very bad news for many news websites that managed to detect when a user was using Incognito Mode and blocking it. The most important feature of Chrome 76 will be to close the gap through which websites… Read More

Chrome and Safari AutoFill of Credit Card can provide information hackers

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A rather worrying piece of information appeared on Twitter the other day, according to which the Chrome and Safari autofill can provide hackers with very sensitive information, such as name, email address, postal address, phone number and credit data. / debit card of users using this option. What is autophilia? - The option that Read More

How to turn off spell checking in Google Chrome - Words underlined in red

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Spell checking is a function that helps us to write correctly, highlighting by underlining in red, the misspelled words. Spelling mistakes. In our case, the mistakes reported are because we do not use diacritics in words. This spell checking system is used especially for those who edit documents, those who publish… Read More