How to change the keyboard language (keyboard layout) from the operating system [Windows 10 si Mac]

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How can we install a new keyboard language on Windows 10 si macOS? We find out how we can use more keyboard layout at the same time and how to change the layout of the keys on the keyboard.

FIX HUGE SQL tables: wp_actionscheduler_actions & wp_actionscheduler_logs [WooCommerce Tips]

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WooCommerce has become a widely used module by more and more online stores. SEO, product management, inventory, clean and intuitive code, interface adminSimple instructions and the thousands of plugins developed for Woo are just some of the reasons why it's worth a try when you think of developing an online store. Like any CMS, no Read More

How to deactivate and transfer the license Windows 10 (Product Key) from one PC to another

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How do we know what type of license we have activated on Windows and how we can transfer the license from one PC to another. Types of licenses Windows and what properties each has.

How to choose the cheapest and best performing laptop (notebook) for school / college

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I recently looked at several online stores for a laptop (notebook) with decent performance and a fair value for money. Decent performance, but enough to cope with the Microsoft Office suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), a Skype and support an online school platform. A laptop that is suitable for… Read More

How to clear cache, browsing history (History) and cookies on Chrome

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These days, vaccination campaigns are in full swing in almost every country in the world, and vaccination schedules can be done online. What should be the most convenient and best method of programming are government platforms that leave much to be desired. A negative example is Romania, where the platform also developed adminstratum of Read More

How do we know if a site (website) wants to steal our bank card details or is it reliable? Pay securely!

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I recently saw a lot of news with people who found themselves without money in their bank accounts after entering their bank card details on various online stores, platforms for posting sales announcements and on other websites. Apart from malicious people who practice these online theft techniques (phishing scam), it is… Read More

SMTP, IMAP or POP3? - What are the differences and how to properly set up an email account on your smartphone, iPhone or PC

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Email applications are widely used on Windows PC, Android smartphones, iPhone si macOS. Almost all mobile and PC operating systems come with a pre-installed email client. For Windows 10 we have the customer Windows Mail (with Outlook optional), on macOS is the Mail client of Apple, Android comes with an application… Read More