Automatic Profile Switching to Microsoft Edge / Sync Bookmarks, Passwords, Credit Card Date & Edge Collections

Microsoft Edge has gained more and more ground recently on operating systems Windows 10. Helped perhaps by the pandemic that keeps more and more people more dependent than ever on computers, but also on features and performance, Microsoft has managed to "steal" land from Google Chrome. One of the most interesting… Read More

What is it and how we block the access of a User Agent (Bot or Browser) on a website [NGINX Tips]

First of all, let's see in general what this user-agent of an internet browser is and what it is used for. What is a User Agent (or User-Agent)? Everything that means internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefoc, Chrome, etc.) have an agent software that interacts with the website you are visiting, at the host server level. This Read More

Scranos, a new virus (rootkit malware) able to steal your passwords and spy / Windows 7 & Windows 10

After the global crisis caused by ransomware viruses, designed to irreversibly encrypt data and documents from victims' computers, this year, users of Windows 7 and Windows 10 faces Scranos. What is Scranos? It is a malware rootkit virus, recently discovered by Bitdefender, capable of stealing passwords used on various sites Read More

Windows Defender Application Guard (Install & How-To)

Windows Defender Application Guard, is a module functionality Windows 10, available to users via Windows Features. Windows Defender Application Guard (Application Guard), is designed to help prevent malware attacks by accessing web pages with Microosft Edge. In this way the employees of a company will not endanger sensitive information and documents… Read More

Chrome and Safari AutoFill of Credit Card can provide information hackers

A rather worrying piece of information appeared on Twitter the other day, according to which the Chrome and Safari autofill can provide hackers with very sensitive information, such as name, email address, postal address, phone number and credit data. / debit card of users using this option. What is autophilia? - The option that Read More

How-To Subscribe to RSS Feed in Safari / Mac OS X El Capitan & Yosemite

RSS is the best solution to receive updates and news from multiple websites in one place. We have news sites that interest us, sites that regularly provide us with news from IT, personal care, health, science or any other field. To keep up to date with the latest articles published on… Read More

Microsoft Edge Extensions / Download (soon)

The new Microsoft internet browser Edge It was the most pleasant surprise of the last operating system released by Microsoft for PC Windows 10Microsoft Edge is a browser capable of providing a new user experience when it comes to Web browsing Windows 10. With a very good loading speed compared to the Internet Explorer, ... Read More

Microsoft Edge Browser - Increased security and news in Windows 10 1511

Nearly mid-November this year, Microsoft released an unexpected upgrade for the operating system Windows 10. The 1511 update came with a number of new features Windows 10, some that we have already written about, and others that we will discover together later. Find My Device service through which we can locate our laptop… Read More

Edge, the future Microsoft browser

Originally unveiled earlier this year, the future Microsoft browser, hitherto known as Project Spartan, has caught the public's attention because it promises a much optimized experience compared to the old and hated Internet Explorer. During the BUILD 2015 event, Microsoft finally announced the product name, its logo and some additional information. With all … Read More

Start Menu receives the transparency effect from the side Windows 10

Being numbered build 10031, the latest version Windows 10 "Unofficially" leaked to the Internet did not bring to light Project Spartan, the web browser designed from scratch to replace the Internet Explorer. Instead, we have some less important changes, but worth mentioning. Abandoned in favor Windows 8 and replaced with a Home Screen displayed throughout… Read More