How to clear cache, browsing history (History) and cookies on Chrome

These days, vaccination campaigns are in full swing in almost every country in the world, and vaccination schedules can be made online. What should be the most convenient and good method of programming are government platforms that leave much to be desired. A negative example is Romania, where the platform developed and managed by… Read More

Content Encoding Error / Cannot Decode Raw Data (Fix Error NSURLErrorDomain)

“Content Encoding Error”Or“ Cannot Decode Raw Data ”is the same error, the message being different from one internet browser to another. This error can occur when we try to access a web page from your computer or mobile phone. Safari users also receive an error code following the message: NSURLErrorDomain - Read More

Find out if your email address and password have been compromised / stolen [Firefox Monitor]

There has been a lot of talk about "data breach" in recent years, but many users have ignored this "news" coming even on TV around the world. This is how it is done, after Yahoo! have repeatedly announced that billions of accounts have been hacked, there are still users and even small companies that use e-mail accounts… Read More

Google will block web pages with mixed content (Mixed Content)

The significant increase in the number of Internet users in recent years has automatically led to a greater interest from malicious people in exploiting this virtual environment. There are hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks every day globally, and attackers do not take into account whether the targets are public institutions, military, companies or… Read More

What is it and how we block the access of a User Agent (Bot or Browser) on a website [NGINX Tips]

First of all, let's see in general what this user-agent of an internet browser is and what it is used for. What is a User Agent (or User-Agent)? Everything that means internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefoc, Chrome, etc.) have an agent software that interacts with the website you are visiting, at the host server level. This Read More

Scranos, a new virus (rootkit malware) able to steal your passwords and spy / Windows 7 & Windows 10

After the global crisis caused by ransomware viruses, designed to irreversibly encrypt data and documents from victims' computers, this year, users of Windows 7 and Windows 10 faces Scranos. What is Scranos? It is a malware rootkit virus, recently discovered by Bitdefender, capable of stealing passwords used on various sites Read More

How to automatically delete the addresses of the websites visited (History) and Cookies in Firefox [Privacy Settings]

If we have a computer or laptop that family members, colleagues or friends still have access to, it might not be a good idea to see what web pages we have accessed or what data has been saved on the sites we visit. For example, if we access the page of an online store and put a product… Read More

Firefox 59 (Quantum) - HTTP Connection is Not Secure

After the launch of the Quantum version, Firefox is slowly but surely regaining its lost ground in the face of Google Chrome and other internet browser applications, to which users have migrated in recent years. About Firefox Quantum we can only say that it is a perfect browser at the moment, which offers a higher loading speed compared to Read More

Remove “Save to Pocket” in Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum is the "rebirth" for Mozilla Firefox, which in recent years has lost much of its popularity in favor of Google Chrome and even Microsoft Edge, after it was released with Windows 10. The new Firefox Quantum brings a different experience than previous versions, and for the first time in recent years, it tends to exceed… Read More

How we can send large files (archives, pictures, movies) to friends via Firefox Send

Even though technologically speaking we have advanced quite a lot, sending large files to friends or partners over the internet has remained complicated. For example, if we have a video or a 1 GB archive, there is no chance that it will be sent via e-mail. It is known that all e-mail providers limit… Read More