5G Technology Pandemic and Coronavirus 5G Antenna Conspiracy Theory (COVID-19)

In most major natural phenomena or events that affect humanity, there are voices that love conspiracy theories and hallucinatory scenarios. Many strongly believe that the devastating weather in the United States and Europe is caused by Russia, which they know "from reliable sources" that they have the technology to change the global climate. Not even the big one Read More

Western Union customer, Banca Transilvania plague and other banks

Over the years, Banca Transilvania has known how, somehow, to stay quite high in terms of marketing. A communication tool, used by merchants since ancient times, to create illusions for potential customers. We couldn't help but remember the famous "Fairy" commercial after almost 10 years Read More

Telekom Romania network "dropped" at National Level

It has been almost 6 hours since the subscribers of the Telekom Romania mobile network from almost all over the country stopped calling and receiving calls. This is happening today, March 05, 2018. At the insistence of several media trusts, Telekom Romania officials gave the following statement on Facebook: "UPDATE: We are sorry for the technical network problems that occurred… Read More

Parental Control Setup in Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center is used on large scale of users Windows 7 and is a highly valued feature for the control it offers over hard drive media files, online TV management and DVDs. Through Windows Media Center can also be accessed by watching movies, cartoons, educational shows, culture,… Read More

Parasites - We Want Respect @Realitatea TV

I don't think the "We Want Respect" campaign will have any effect, but it is a good initiative of Realitatea TV / Realitatea.NET. The song of the band Parazitii (which I have the impression is made at the request of Realitatea TV, for "Noi Vrem Respect"), fits like a glove for the current situation in ROMANIA, and most of the lyrics of the song are… Read More

Patrick Swayze's Death - Profitable for WWW Spammers

The death of the American actor Patrick Swayze due to the pancreatic cancer turned into a profitable business for "small entrepreneurs" www. They used one of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics to get a high rank (eg in Google SE, sites with high page rank are displayed in the first pages of results) among the search engine results… Read More

Top 10 most famous viruses (ever)

In recent days I have been receiving messages on the messenger about certain viruses "hidden" under certain ids or urls or I know what, which, once dropped on PCs, cut and hang, go through the sword and fire , etc. And suddenly I was curious to find out which were the most criminal viruses… Read More

I. Internet: danger for ordinary people?

About two decades ago, the Internet was still in its infancy and those who knew its importance and usability were very few. At present, there are few who have never used the Internet in their lives and those who have not yet heard of it have not heard of television, refrigerator or telephone. ... Read More

How to set up a homepage on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari

Although most internet users know how to set a browser (homepage, cookies, security, private data, etc.), lately I have met many people who did not know how to set as homepage the site or search engine they wanted, no matter how much it would be hard to believe. The setting is very simple and approximately similar for all… Read More

LaptopAlarm or how to defend your laptop from thieves

A few months ago I was writing a post about how to keep your laptop safe while traveling. The first recommendation was to leave your laptop at home if you don't really need it on vacation, but if you still can't part with it, I would tell you to take it with you as much as possible. ... Read More