3 Free Videoconferencing Solutions - Online school courses and meetings

The times we are going through are not the happiest and it urges us to social distance. Limiting meetings with friends, working from home as much as possible for company employees, schools support online classes while children stay at home, and parents and grandparents are advised to see them only through video calls. "Stay away" Read More

Very cheap licenses at Windows 10 Professional (Prices under 5 Eur)

I said in a recent article that there is a very good chance that in the coming years, Microsoft will prefer monthly or annual subscriptions for operating system licenses. Windows. The operating system can be purchased on the subscription model from Office 365. I do not know how and why, but it is certain that these days, some retailers… Read More

Ransomware protection and backup solution for Windows si Mac

I mentioned Acronis in an article from 2013 when we recommend it as a full backup solution for the operating system Windows. Provides a full backup, like Time Machine on macOS, preserving the image of system files, applications and personal files on the hard disk. Acronis True Image 2018, is the newest… Read More

How to set an ad to appear only on your Mobile version Desktop of a Website

WordPress has not been a simple blogging platform for a long time. It allows us to develop from simple blogs with a minimalist design to complex portals and forums or even online stores as a whole, thanks to the WooCommerce plugin and other E-Commerce functions that can be integrated in WordPress. Except for the presentation sites of the companies and Read More

Download WhatsApp Official Application for Windows 8, Windows 10 si Mac OS X

Long awaited application to bring WhatsApp Messenger from mobile phones and smartphones to PC and Mac OS X, has been launched. For those already familiar with the in-browser application, WhatsApp Web, the application for desktop it does not bring great news. The only difference is that you no longer need to open Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox to log in… Read More

How-To Subscribe to RSS Feed in Safari / Mac OS X El Capitan & Yosemite

RSS is the best solution to receive updates and news from multiple websites in one place. We have news sites that interest us, sites that regularly provide us with news from IT, personal care, health, science or any other field. To keep up to date with the latest articles published on… Read More

How combine / merge two Facebook pages into one [Merge Facebook Pages]

If you are the administrator of two Facebook pages that have the same profile of interest (for example, two pages that write the same things), then you can merge / combine them into one. The "Go Facebook Pages" option is valid only for Facebook pages that represent the same thing and have similar names. ... Read More

Send attachments from emails to 200MB free!

Regardless of the e-mail client used, there is a maximum limit of 30MB (with indulgence, given that in some cases the limit is a maximum of 10MB) for attachments (files sent via e-mail to various recipients), and this limit imposed it can sometimes ruin our whole day. Especially if the file (or files) that… Read More

Foxmarks - Keep bookmarks safe

Foxmarks is a very simple and very useful application that automatically saves bookmarks (favorite links) from Mozilla Firefox on the Internet. This add-on is very useful for those who forget to save their bookmarks when reinstalling the operating system or uninstalling Firefox (I'm a specialist in something like that) and for those who need to access the bookmarks… Read More

Get rid of the ubiquitous "Send feedback" in Windows 7 Beta

Those who have had the curiosity to test Windows 7 (Beta), you have already become acquainted with some of the "scams" of this new operating system. We will try to present their solution as we finish them. But for starters, those to whom the feedback link planted by Microsoft in the title bar (Send feedback) does not… Read More