How to insert a YouTube video into a PowerPoint file 2013 Ms

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Sometimes, when creating PowerPoint presentations, it is necessary to insert videos so that the presentation is complete or expresses exactly what we want. Although inserting a video clip from the Internet is also possible in previous versions of MS Office (in Office 2010 we must first search for the video online, copy the code… Read More

How we can open locked files in Office 2013 / 365 Office (Disable Protected View)

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Many Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 users have encountered a rather irritating problem, namely the inability to open various office files, either received by e-mail or extracted from archives, or accessed from an external storage device or transferred by on another computer. This problem occurs when Protected mode… Read More

How can install Microsoft Office Picture Manager for use with Microsoft Office 2013

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If you're using the Microsoft Office 2013 suite, you've probably noticed that Microsoft Office Picture Manager is not included in the package. Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a tool for viewing, editing, and editing adminimage editing, which many Office users use as a program default for viewing photo files. It also offers some… Read More

How can we remove an MS Office license code from the registry? Windows

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If you have experienced licensing errors in the Microsoft Office suite and had to delete its validation code from the system registries in order to enter a new code, you know how difficult it is to identify the correct registers or how risky it is to make changes to system files. ... Read More

Free Download Microsoft Office Starter 2010

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Many users Windows I use Microsoft Office only to be able to edit or read Word and Excel files. If you are one of them, then you should know that Microsoft offers, in addition to the Home, Student, Business and Professional suites, the Starter suite, completely free. Microsoft Office 2010 Starter is the basic suite, provided by… Read More

How to setup Microsoft Outlook Signature in 2010

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At work, most employees use e-mail (E-mail) as a means of communication with partners and / or colleagues in the department. For each message sent from the service email we must mention at the end of it who we are and what function we have and a contact phone. For this we can define in the Microsoft Outlook 2010 settings a Signature form… Read More

How realize a graphic on a table in Excel 2010

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Many of us have had macwould once have the opportunity to see a presentation chart in various fields: the evolution of the exchange rate, election results, statistics, etc. The most popular graphics program is Microsoft Office Excel. It values ​​a spreadsheet in a graph based on the rows and columns for which it is reported. In the… Read More

How realize animated effects in a slide in PowerPoint

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Not infrequently I had the opportunity to participate in a presentation of products and services in which the trainer used to transmit the information presented in PowerPoint. We present in the following lines the main steps necessary for an elegant PowerPoint presentation. To create a presentation we first need content that Read More

Indentation and spacing of text in Word

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Indentation of a text or paragraph One of the ways to highlight a text or paragraph is indentation, ie placing it, in whole or in part, further inwards, at a certain distance from the edges. The indentation of the current paragraph (default) or of the selected paragraphs can be done: with the Decrease Indent and Increase Indent… buttons Read More

Using formulas in Excel cells

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Microsoft Office Excel was created specifically for performing numerical calculations. Formulas must be written to indicate the calculation mode to the program. Formulas usually consist of cell addresses, values, and mathematical operators. When performing the calculations, all the algebraic rules are observed: the priority of the multiplication and division operations, of the parentheses, etc. All formulas are entered… Read More