How can we add a user with a WordPress Administrator rank using FTP

A less happy scenario is to forget the password of the user with the rank of "admin" of the blog created with WordPress, to no longer have access to the e-mail address that would help us to reset the password, and that the situation to be even more complicated, it would be to not have access to the database either. MySQL. ... Read More

How can we add an Admin user in WordPress if we do not have access to Dashboard or SQL

There are situations in which we need to "take over" a blog / website on WordPress, but we do not have a lot of authentication data. In the scenario where we do not have any user with admin rights to know the password, we do not have an e-mail address on which to retrieve a user admin and Read More

Netflix movies with Romanian subtitles - Netflix Romania

I said in an article this morning that the great advantage of HBO GO over Netflix are the subtitles and dubbing of movies, documentaries, shows in Romanian. A few hours after the publication of that article, this advantage is gone. :) Netflix has launched an update that includes Romania on the list of countries that benefit from the services… Read More

How to set an ad to appear only on your Mobile version Desktop of a Website

WordPress has not been a simple blogging platform for a long time. It allows us to develop from simple blogs with a minimalist design to complex portals and forums or even online stores as a whole, thanks to the WooCommerce plugin and other E-Commerce functions that can be integrated in WordPress. Except for the presentation sites of the companies and Read More

How to create a tar archive of files and directories (folders) on the server using a PHP script

A very simple solution in many situations, for a rather serious problem. In the scenario where we would have to move a website, whose files number several thousand, and the web hosting provider does not provide us with a backup system with archiving or other similar method that allows us to do this, the transfer by… Read More

Dragon Hills - Free Game of the Week (iPhone & iPad)

This week Apple offers for free through the App Store / iTunes, the action-adventure game, Dragon Hills. A game that has caught on quite well among the owners of iPhone and the iPad. The action of the game is made by a very dangerous dragon, which we can control very easily, in an adventure game, full of Read More

WordPress CMS -

For those who think that WordPress is a single platform for blogs, we have good news. Besides the main advantages: optimization (SEO) and reliability, WordPress allows you to create a design as you wish and PHP functions, plugins and combinations with other scripts allow you to transform the blog platform… Read More

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp () in /home/user/public_html/wp-blog-header.php on line 18

An error that occurred to me on several WordPress blogs after they were moved from one server to another and had edited the wp-config.php file. Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp () in /home/user/public_html/wp-blog-header.php on line 18 Cause of error: - It seems that the wp-config.php file loses its lines after being edited. May … Read More

Display category / archives on two columns [WordPress Sidebar]

On most WordPress themes, blog categories and archives are listed in sidebar.php (specifically the sidebar of the blog). For those who have many archives or categories in the blog, the free space in the sidebar is considerably reduced and the blog page is very long. Here is a solution to list the categories and / or archives of the blog in the sidebar, Read More

Blow Your Speakers - Woofer & Bass Test

A rather small collection at the moment, but which promises to grow very fast. Of course, collection of tracks (mp3) "subwoofer & bass test" for those who want to test their audio systems from PCs and cars. Atomic Dance Explosion Bass Test SubWoofer TEST - Hardcore Bass (DJ Tiesto) D-Bass Xplod - Car Stereo Test Bass Mechanics Read More