Netflix movies with Romanian subtitles - Netflix Romania

I said in an article this morning that the great advantage of HBO GO over Netflix are the subtitles and dubbing of movies, documentaries, shows in Romanian. A few hours after the publication of that article, this advantage is gone. :) Netflix has launched an update that includes Romania on the list of countries that benefit from the services… Read More

How can we track online from your laptop, tablet, iPad or phone, HBO movies and series

HBO GO I think is one of the best services through which you can watch online quality movies of all genres, successful series, documentaries, concerts and many other interesting videos. Almost all movies and series available on TV channels: HBO HD, HBO 2 and HBO 3 can also be found on HBO GO. You probably noticed Read More

Dragon Hills - Free Game of the Week (iPhone & iPad)

This week Apple offers for free through the App Store / iTunes, the action-adventure game, Dragon Hills. A game that has caught on quite well among the owners of iPhone and the iPad. The action of the game is made by a very dangerous dragon, which we can control very easily, in an adventure game, full of Read More

Talk UNLIMITED National with Telekom card - More than 24 hours in just 24 hours.

At the Telekom card, which offers unlimited native calls, Telekom comes with a mind-boggling offer. Even more mind-boggling than the title of this article. "You speak Unlimited National with the Telekom card - More than 24 hours in just 24 hours." Please listen carefully to a conversation between a Telekom customer and a Telekom representative… Read More

How can we create chat groups or forward pictures and messages from contacts in Facebook Messenger (Android / iOS)

Recently, Facebook updated the Messenger mobile application (at least the versions for Android and iOS) with a series of new and very useful features for users. Among these, the most important are the ability to create chat groups (through which you can chat with all members of a group in a single chat window) and the option… Read More

Send iMessages from Windows or Android with Remote Messages for iOS

Although many IM applications have been developed lately for mobile platforms (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, ChatOn, etc.), iOS users still prefer to use the application. default for text messages, namely iMessages. If you own one iPhone or iPad, but you want to be able to use the iMessages application on your computer as well… Read More

How can we change the icon default of an external drive in Windows

If you are used to connecting external media devices to the system quite often, you have probably already noticed that the icons for them are quite generic, very similar to the icons for system drives / partitions. If you are among the users Windows who like to customize the look of the system in the… Read More

Find out how much time you spent on Facebook since you made account

Recently (February 4), Facebook celebrated 10 years since it was launched, and to celebrate this, a new feature for the melancholic, A Look Back, was added to the social network: the ability to create and publish a video that contains the best 20 Facebook moments of users. In tune with… Read More

How to include emoticons in Facebook statuses

Among the latest features added to the Faebook social network is the ability to include custom emoticons in user statuses. For those who are interested in finding out how to do this, the information below will definitely help. Add emoticons to Facebook statuses, log in to your Facebook account, then click Read More

Claim the Windows 8: Beautiful & Fast

Girls, if you still needed an extra reason to use Windows 8! :) Note: Desi Windows can inspire this reaction quite often, DON'T try this at home! (at least not the part where the table plays a relevant role). STEALTH SETTINGS - Windows 8 Commercial: Beautiful & Fast