How do we see which files and applications take up the most storage space on Windows 10 and what it is Storage Sense

Whatever we're talking about Mac or Windows PC, managing storage space is a very important task. Especially when we have an SSD with very limited storage volume. In "This PC" we can easily see how much storage space is free on partitions or external drives (devices and drives). Otherwise I stay Read More

How can we recover password encrypted with BitLocker and BitLocker partition

BitLocker is perhaps Microsoft's most useful feature from Windows Vista to this day, at Windows 10. With BitLocker we can keep our data safe on an encrypted password partition. It can also be the solution to protect personal files on a hard drive from ransomware viruses, but it can… Read More

How to access an HFS Plus hard drive (formatted for macOS) on Windows

macOS si Windows there are two different operating systems that cannot be compared. Despite the comments on the forms and the eternal discussions about the comparisons between these two operating systems, each has its strengths and the elements that make them different. Even if on both operating systems there are about… Read More

How to password / encrypt a USB Stick - macOS / OS X Encrypted Flash Drive

A USB Stick is the most reliable solution for data portability. Within the available storage space, pictures, movies, documents, programs, applications and other more or less important data can be saved on it. The USB stick, however, has a big disadvantage. The smaller it is, the more likely we are to lose it,… Read More

MPSigStub.exe - What is it and how can it be deleted?

Many users Windows 10 or Windows 7 complain about the presence of a suspicious folder with a strange name, which contains an executable named MPSigStub.exe. Normally, this executable file bears a Microsoft signature, and is used by the operating system Windows 10 to extract updates from the temporal folder. Temporary Windows Directory. ... Read More

Clean HDD / SSD on OS X for more free space (iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air)

For OS X users (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) hard disk space is often a problem. New generations of MacBook come with 128 GB SSD hard drive, 256 GB and 500 GB for those who can afford it. Between two MacBook identical as system but with storage difference from 128 to 256 GB, Read More

How can we write / copy data to an NTFS drive (hard disk, memory stick) Mac OS X

In an article written a few months ago we show how to write data to a hard drive, USB memory or memory card whose volume is formatted in NTFS system. NTFS (New Technology File System) is a file system developed by Microsoft for its own systems. Normally, systems Mac OS X can sa Read More

Disk Utility - The new Hard Disk / SSD Manager on OS X El Capitan

OS X El Captitan will be released and available for download and installation in just a few hours. Although the El Capitan graphical interface is based on the Yosemite system, some applications default have undergone significant changes. In some of them there was even a total redesign of the graphical interface. One of the applications that suffered… Read More

Fix HDD Error / You need to format the disk in drive H before you can use it

This is one of the worst errors that can occur to an external hard drive or any other data storage drive. You need to format the disk in drive: H before you can use it. Basically this error does not allow us to access the data stored on the hard disk, pictures, movies, applications, documents, music or anything… Read More

How to set Time MacBackup hines on an external Hard Disk connected to an AirPort Extreme 802.11ac router

Time Machine is the simplest and most efficient backup solution for OS X. Time operating systems Machine provides automatic backup for the OS X operating system, installed applications and personal files. Documents, pictures, movies and other files. Once configured the hard disk to be backed up, Time Machine will do… Read More