Browser Chooser: Choose what browser to open external links

Most users Windows use multiple browsers for different tasks (or for various reasons, such as multiple users of the same computer with different preferences), even if they have set that default a specific browser. Many times, precisely because of this permanent indecision, we change the browser default with which to open external links, such as Read More

Free Download Microsoft Office Starter 2010

Many users Windows I use Microsoft Office only to be able to edit or read Word and Excel files. If you are one of them, then you should know that Microsoft offers, in addition to the Home, Student, Business and Professional suites, the Starter suite, completely free. Microsoft Office 2010 Starter is the basic suite, provided by… Read More

How to restore TrustedInstaller as Owner of system files in Windows

To avoid operating system operating errors Windows, starting with Windows Vista system files are protected by WFP (Windows File Protection), so that users or applications installed by them cannot modify these files. WFP protection consists of setting an ACL (Access Control List) that allows only the Trusted userInstaller sa Read More

Install the Romanian language on any edition Windows 7 and Windows Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium and Professional)

Usually, when we buy a computer with a pre-installed operating system, it comes set either with the language of the country in which it is sold, or with English, or both (rarer cases). If the system is preinstalled Windows 7 / Vista Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprize, you can change the language very easily… Read More

What is Trusted and what is its roleInstaller.exe? (Windows Processes)

If you've been wondering what the Trusted process is all aboutInstaller.exe, what is its role and why it sometimes becomes a big consumer of resources (especially CPU), in this article you will find out more details about it. TrustedInstaller.exe is the process related to the service Windows Modules Installer, introduced by Microsoft for the first time in the operating system Windows Vista Read More

Fix Menu Bar Hide Error in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 & Vista)

After installing some software, I noticed that some of them modified some of the UI elements of Windows Explorer, including Menu Bar. Specifically, even if the Menu Bar was set not to appear, it was present and could not be disabled / hidden. Normally to make it disappear… Read More

Free up HDD space by reducing or deactivating Volume Shadow Copies in Windows Vista

No matter how many hard drives we have or their size, at some point we will still run out of space on them. That's why it's very important to check their contents from time to time and get rid of unnecessary files, which do nothing but use the much-needed space in vain. Users… Read More

Shut Down without automatic installation of Windows Updates (Windows Vista / Win7)

Shut Down without Automatically Installing Windows Updates - Windows Vista & Windows 7. Some time ago we show what the settings are for Windows Update Center in Windows Vista. Windows 7 Update Settings. With these settings we can decide the actions of the system when updates are available (to download and install updates automatically - option… Read More

How to use a USB flash as extra RAM in Windows Vista

Reasons why you want to upgrade the RAM of the supplied PC are enough, but there are just as many reasons for postponing this upgrade. First the lack of money, then the lack of time, or, most likely, the short memory: D. Suppose, for example, that you want to test a new application or game,… Read More

How to create a hidden user / account in Windows Vista

If you use a shared computer (at school, at the library, at work) or your computer has access to other people (friends, family), you are certainly bothered (most likely) by lack of privacy. One solution is to use a different user to log in (you can block other users from accessing… Read More