How can we disable Photo Tagging in Twitter

Twitter has recently activated a new feature in the microblogging network, namely photo tagging. Most Twitter users already know what the role of this feature is, having already had enough experience with photo tagging on another popular social network, Facebook. Specifically, through this feature, users have the opportunity to identify and… Read More

Twitter introduces a new language for users: "Lolcat"

For those who had already lost hope, it turned out that there was a God, at least on Twitter. If you felt discriminated against because you could not use your "native" language on Twitter, the problem was solved, because for a few days now, you can set the language default, Lolcat language (spoken especially by the I can can community Read More

Facebook Vs. Twitter - Facebook Lite

Until yesterday, the Twitter network did not know a suitable competitor. Although many imitations of the Twitter platform appeared, their chances of success were zero. But two days ago, things changed significantly, and Twitter could compete with a giant opponent. - Facebook announced the launch of a… Read More

Tweetname. Or how you can buy domains on the Internet via Twitter

If you haven't found out yet, anything is possible on Twitter. Or if not yet, patience will certainly be. And I say this because, among many others, it has recently become available to buy internet names via Twiteer. Or Tweetname. What does Tweetname do? Well, apart from simplifying something that was already there… Read More

Top 20 Twitter Apps (& counting…)

Lately, the popularity of Twitter has become somewhat equal (if not a bit busier) with that which the market "lends" a number of years ago (in paleo-internet). Curious by nature as we are, we also made an account (for now it is on standby, so under anonymity) and we started researching what the mechanisms are… Read More