[FIX] NGINX start failed CentOS 7 - nginx: [emer] open () “path” failed (13: Permission denied)

When it comes to managing web servers, many unpleasant surprises can occur. Especially when switching from an older version of an operating system to a newer one. Available for both Ubuntu and CentOS. A lot has changed from CentOS 5 to CentOS 7… Read More

How to set up NANO editor default on Linux or how to change the editor from Vi to NANO

Vi and nano are text editors for Linux. Whether we are talking about Ubuntu or RedHat, CentOS, these editors are vital when it comes to modifying a script, a crontab or any other file present on the Linux operating system. Vi and nano are a kind of Notepad for Linux, with the difference that they don't… Read More

Find & Replace in nano (Linux & OS X Terminal Text Editor)

"Nano" is for many users the easiest text editor for Linux and / or OS X. Although I have used it for many years as a text editor for both Linux (via Console or SSH / Putty) and OS X (via Terminal), the other day I experienced for the first time the "find and replace" command. Specifically, let's replace… Read More

How to install Ubuntu 10.04 (Linux) in parallel with Windows 7. (To run simultaneously (VirtualBox))

You should not be misled by this tutorial from the beginning. The following method does not involve installing two dual-boot systems. Ubuntu and Windows 7. This tutorial is also valid for installing Ubuntu on Windows XP or Windows Vista using VirtualBox. 1. First of all we need VirtualBox. An application Read More

How to install Ubuntu directly from Windows, without using the CD / its installation image

For those who want to test Ubuntu, but do not want to create a special partition for it and do not have enough resources to install it on a virtual system, we recommend using Wubi installer, an application that allows you to install Ubuntu directly from Windows (installing Ubuntu using Wubi is similar to installing any application… Read More