Tweaking and Optimizing Windows 7 & Windows Vista [Tweaking Software Download]

There are few people who want to optimize performances OSEspecially when it is a PC weaker in resources (RAM si CPU) Is more "stop" when launched applications / softwareSites that require resources.
The simplest and most popular method to enhance the performance of a PC is tweakingSite. This procedure consists in modification of default settings and registers (Windows Registry), to determine the operating system to consume as few resources as possible RAM, Video si CPU. a tweaking manual is not handy. Involves many advanced knowledge the operating system. Whether the Windows Vista, XP or Windows 7If tweakingThe manual is done wrong, it can lead to degradation / destruction operating system.

A simple solution for those who have no knowledge, but wish to increase system performance, the use of applications / softwareTweaking sites. And here is a problem. Before using a tweaking application, You should make sure that the application has been used by other people before you and see what they say about this application. Watch reviewS on Forums, Blogs, etc. sites where talks on topics of tweaking.

One of the most popular applications de Tweaking & OptimizingWindows 7 & Windows VistaThis Ultimate Windows Tweaker.
This Tweaker automatically determine the type and system properties operation and provides a GUI only tweakSites that can be applied to your system

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker - Personalization

Ultimate Windows Tweaker - Personalization

The application can be used by experienced users and those less experienced. Shown is that any level of user's knowledge before tweak to make a ""Operating system.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker requires no installation and will not waste space on your hardDownload in Englishdisk. It only has 345 KB.

Download in English Ultimate Windows Tweaker v.2.0 - compatible version on Windows 7 si Windows Vista32-bit si 64-bit.

Optimizes the performance of the operating system Windows Sight yes Windows 7. Tweaking Software.

Tweaking and Optimizing Windows 7 & Windows Vista [Tweaking Software Download]

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