A new mobile application feature for Facebook: Nearby Friends

Facebook announced that it will soon introduce a new feature in mobile application for Android si iOS, Nearby Friends, Through which their friends can find each other location exactly when it is near. Feature has the character optional, And will be disabled in mode defaultSo those who are worried about a possible violation of privacy should not be alarmed (location will be announced in social networking unless you choose to enable this feature).


Nearby Friends feature is optional year. You CAN choose who CAN see if you're nearby (for example: your friends, close friends, or to specific friends list) and you CAN turn it on and off at any time.

because location Your friends will be located on Facebook nearby both your and their respective friends must have Nearby activated Friends. You can also configure the only certain friends you can find the location, and only a limited time (For example, you want your location to be visible only to a certain get in touch, For a period of 10 minutes. When this time expires, your location will not be visible on the map, service is automatically disabling).


All through this feature, Facebook allows users to find out where travel their friends to send them to various RECOMMENDAi (where they already know the locations where friends are concerned).


Momentary, Nearby Friends is only available in the U.S.But most likely Facebook will integrate this feature for users in other regions later this year.

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A new mobile application feature for Facebook: Nearby Friends

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