Uninstall the Internet Explorer 8 - IE8 Beta2 (Reinstall IE7 Windows Vista)

Shortly after launch we tested the latest version of internet browserSite launched by Microsoft, IE (Internet Explorer Beta 8 2). Compared with the IE7, Beta IE8 2 I left a much better impression. It is very close to Mozilla Firefox, Better manage processes tabs, uses a series of add-ons new and requires fewer system resources. There are some issues that hopefully will be fixed with the final release IE8. Especially Google Toolbar Report errors to launch your browser and that often leave the crash-hate.

For users Windows Vista who made upgrade from Internet Explorer 7 () to IE8 Beta 2, there were problems when they wanted to go back to the old version. On the operating system Windows XP, IE8 Beta 2 appears in the "Add / Remove Program"And can be uninstalled like any other application that has been installed. If we want to uninstall IE8 from Windows Vista will have to go to list updateLinks and uninstall it from there. Vista operating system does not consider IE8 as the application, but update.

Uninstall the Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 / Reinstall the Internet Explorer 7 in just a few steps:

1. open control Panel

2. Search in Search Bar "uninstall update"And click on Programs and Features . (Larger image below)

uninstall update

3. After the panel appears Uninstall or Change a ProgramOn the left side bar you have a link "View Installed updates". Click on this link.

HP update Uninstall

4. In the list of updates that opens find and select Windows Internet Explorer 8 and click on the button Uninstall.

ie8 uninstall step 1

5. After the uninstall IE8 Beta 2 reboot. After reboot you will notice that instead appeared IE8 previous version (IE7).

Uninstall the Internet Explorer 8 - IE8 Beta2 (Reinstall IE7 Windows Vista)

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