Uninstall K7 TotalSecurity & K7 Antivirus [Windows XP / Vista]

Many users who have installed the Windows XP or Windows Vista, K7 TotalSecurity or Antivirus K7Were faced with a problem when they want to quit this program online security & antivirus.
Following standard procedure to uninstall an application, ie via Control Panel & Add / Remove Programs, software K7 TotalSecurity si Antivirus K7 can not be uninstalled. Once the button uninstall, There is a error blocking the uninstall process.
To support users who are experiencing this problem came right company that produced the software.
K7 TotalSecuirty Removal Tool & K7 Antivirus Removal ToolIs a very small application that does not require installation, and will uninstall the software protection: Antivirus K7 or K7 TotalSecuirty.

K7 Antivirus Removal Tool

Download in English K7 TotalSecuirty Removal Tool &

users Windows Vista / Windows 7 will have to run the above application with Administrator privileges.

If we look We've faced a similar problem. Those who Uninstall AVG Antivirus, Could not install Kaspersky Anti-Virus / KIS. The problem is easily solved with a change in the registers (Windows Registry).

Uninstall K7 TotalSecurity & K7 Antivirus [Windows XP / Vista]

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