Uninstall / Remove Windows Media Center in Windows 7

Without a TV tuner installed on laptop, Windows Media Center not very useful. I tried to access some Calan online sports and news (Internet TV), but I had no luck.

The video you have Requested is not available for your geographic region.

Windows Media Center

For files Video and Audio stored on your computer are other Players who consume less resources and do their job much better than they do Windows Media Center. I don't want to make a bad advertisement for this feature But in my opinion iTunes is a serious alternative (not a fan of iTunes).

Remove & Uninstall Windows Media Center (WMC) in Windows 7.

For users Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Media Center can be easily uninstalled from Windows Features.

1. open Windows Features.

> Programs> Turn Windows features on or off .

Windows features

2. In Windows Features open Fetures Media then make click to deselect Windows Media Center. Click Yes to confirm.

uninstall Windows Media center

3. Click on OK and wait until finish uninstalling.

4. You must restart your computer to apply these symbols changes. restart Now.

Uninstall / Remove Windows Media Center in Windows 7

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