Safari Update 5 & Error in iTunes & QuickTime Installation

I received today a notification of update new version of Safari, Safari 5. As usual, in most cases greatest achievement is "better performance". I have not noticed any improvement in this respect, but there are some new things you can learn in detail on the official site. .

Apple Software Update Notification.

safari 5

Along with installing the new version of Safari, the Apple Software Update Notification I selected and the order iTunes + QuickTime.

The operating sitemele that I went through my hand and I wanted to install iTunes + QuickTimeEvery time I encountered the same problem. Lock installation process when it is near completion. It seems that Apple works well Murphy's laws. In addition, besides the fact that it stops the installation process can not be closed.

Installing iTunes Crash

How can we close the Apple Software Update to install in case of a crash.

1. Open Task Manager and go to Processes tab,

2. Looking SoftwareUpdate.exe in the process list, select it and then we click on the button "end Process"

Apple software update

Clicking on the "Stop" you can expect quiet as long as you all expected to finish the install because it will not happen anything. A occur "Cancelling ..." instead of "Installing ...".

I do not know exactly what causes but have some suspicion that it contained DifXInstall32.exe.
I think that Safari, iTunes and QuickTime have no place on operating systems Windows,, Save the owners of devices Apple, who need to synchronize files on iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc.

This problem occurs and clean installation of both iTunes + QuickTime. If anyone has encountered this problem on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate is asked to leave a comment.

Safari Update 5 & Error in iTunes & QuickTime Installation

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