Check the contents of Zip archives online with Google Docs

You probably happened many times to download archives. zip or. rarely on Internet without being sure that they contain files you want or have received e-mail various archives unknown content, You better wait a few minutes to download them and then you realize that you wasted your time for nothing because the archives were completely uninteresting or contained malicious. Well, now you can easily avoid such situations if you check online content archives before you download. How? By means of Google Docs.


Both web application Google Docs Viewer and the version integrated gmail were improved with support for zip and rar format archives and display their contents directly into browser.


With the help Google Docs can check the contents of online archives without the need to download it. If records contain text documents or officeAnd files Photoshop or other records, their content can be viewed in the same window Google Docs. All you have to do is to url paste it to download archive in Google Docs Viewer.


Note: Google Docs Viewer supports only archive format. Zip or. Rare.

- View content of Zip files online with Google Docs

Check the contents of Zip archives online with Google Docs

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