Video Chat app for Gmail

This week Google launched a new application for Gmail chat: video chat. It works well, is easy to use and Gmail users godsend. :)


The steps that you have to follow are simple:

  • Download plug-in Gmail voice and video, then install it, but not before ensure that you have closed all browsers.
  • Access Gmail account.
  • Select the person you want to call the Chat section. To start a video chat, go to menu "Video & more" the bottom of the chat window and select "Start video chat". Even if the person does not have a webcam, video calling can be made as 1-way video call.


Adding the option to make the Gmail voice and video to become a top service, especially as it is accessible to any Gmail or Google Apps accounts. Plus the availability of some of the most significant means of communication (email, chat, voice, video) in one place is ideal.

Video Chat app for Gmail

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