ViStart brings back the Start Menu on Windows 8

One of the biggest news and surprises 8 Windows Consumer Preview was Start Orb's disappearance and Start menuBut not for those who want to test new operating system is a pleasant surprise. 8 Windows Consumer Preview is even more different than Developer Preview from Windows 7Which means that all those who work with Windows have been removed from the comfort of habit when installed Windows 8.

For those who have difficulty using Start screen which replaced Start Menu Windows 8 and want the help of a small familiar to adjust to the interface and the working of the new operating system, we present in this article application ViStart.

ViStart is a replacement third-party for Start buttonOriginally developed for Windows XPIn an attempt to give Start Orb's and Start menu look more like the Windows 7, but which works perfectly in Windows 8.

if you use ViStart to restore the Start Menu in Windows 8, Be sure to give Decline la RevoClean Pro If you do not want to wake up the application installed and do not know where aa appeared in computer you (or give Agree if you wish to install).


After installation you will see again ViStart Start Orb in the bottom left corner of the screen (On the left side Taskbar). If you click it, you will see Start Menu that you used in previous operating systems.


Installed your Start Menu ViStart works much like the Windows 7, the only difference being that does not allow adding shortcuts by Pin to Start Menu. Moreover, displays most frequently used applications by users.

For configure Start Menu, Right click on the icon ViStart of systray and select Options. There you will have the opportunity to change default browser System or e-mail client used and you can do custom settings for more programs.


A bonus for those using Windows 8 ViStart is that Start Menu will take command of the Windows keyWhich means that if we press that button, it will open the Start menu ViStart installed, not Metro Home available on Windows 8. To open it you must either go with the mouse in the upper left corner of the screen, or to use Charms menu, You can open the resulting mouse is in the upper right corner, or in the bottom right of the screen.



Note: Before installing ViStart, keep in mind that this is only the Start Menu replacement, do not activate the one made extinct by Microsoft, and also that Windows 8 is still in beta and applications installed on it may experience errors.

STEALTH SETTINGS - ViStart gets back to Windows Start Menu 8

ViStart brings back the Start Menu on Windows 8

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