Vodafone - Suspected Simple

Yes, yes! Suspecta river and simplu to see if I look a little on offer received via e-mail at .

Dear Lawrence
Suspect of simplu
Imagine yourself anywhere instantly connected to the Internet. SmartModem you can afford it with the most modern Internet gateway: []


Subscribe to 2 years, elect a Happy Number networking, and of the 6 months:
* 6Happy 000 free minutes Number
* Free subscription
* National tariff for calls to Europe
In addition, you 600 free national anytime minutes for 1 year. []

Okay! :) Suspect of SImplants offer. 6 months 6Free minutes 000 Happy Number and 6National 00. Unwittingly binds two less orthodox symbols. SS & 666 .

View: (Wikipedia)
View: (Wikipedia)

No problem. Offer is OK, just my observation spirit suffered lately.

Vodafone - Suspected Simple

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