I said I .COMnot . EN . What my cats? We jitters! To give open Google com and are redirected automatically by google.ro . Why? Probably because IPSite of RO Are automatically redirected to a server. I do not know. I do not know and I do not care. I want to do searches on google.com! The only way to access google.com was my install Google Toolbar pe Mozilla Firefox, Because the search boxCPC default of Firefox I have the same fate.
In other news, do any search on google.ro, my first page is displayed in all of penalties sites like download for free. Kappa.ro, download for free. Acasa.ro, etc. and traficdublu Roportal.
If you can't avoid redirecting google.com -> google.com, there's another one solution to demand search engine sa ignore areas. EN.

Search syntax is: download yahoo messenger vista -. ro (In this case all the sites listed in the search engine index, containing Keyword : "Download yahoo messenger", cu except sites tld. EN. )

-. Ro !


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