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How-To, Download & Review / Windows, OS X, Linux, Software & Internet

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Thursday, an ordinary day like any other without announcing anything spectacular. Maybe as the sky looks like another hot August day. I turn my head to the left and see that it is daylight. Another night I spend in front of the computer (partially…

Windows live Writer

Windows Live Writer, is a new free software, currently in version Beta, produced by Microsoft to make it easier to edit and publish articles on blogs. I found out about it by chance a few days ago but laziness didn't really agree to install it…

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Following what happened in the last days (the smell of mothballs, chat, thoughts, friends, desires, coffees, cup, etc.), now I tried for a moment to stop and ask myself if everything is OK. Yes! It's OK because I don't need "Extra Reading" anymore…

Thought Too Bold

- Hello? Popescu are. From the Commission for the Approval of Cocoa Mornings. Are you kind enough to tell us if you have such a morning? - Piss off, E.! - Have! What here? - Exceptional. What do you want? - Are you coming to the concert tonight? - I can't, I broke my spine


Even 07:37, and I still didn't get to work. I sit in front of the PC at 2 o'clock and try to get to work, but something stops me. I want to work but I can't seem to stop something and strangely it's not lazy. Day of

Passionate about technology, I like to test and write tutorials about operating systems macOS, Linux, Windows, about WordPress, WooCommerce and LEMP web server configuration (Linux, NGINX, MySQL and PHP). I write on since 2006, and a few years later I started writing on iHowTo.Tips tutorials and news about devices in the ecosystem Apple: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, iMac, MacBook, AirPods and accessories.

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