WEB2.0 for PRO-fesionisti.

Looking for some information from sports gsp.ro tonight, I got to take a ride on a few sites of trusts media / media culture . Ro. "Web2.0 " I do not know if the title is just right, but if I stop at the functionality, Web Design si creativity. Three essential things in my opinion that should underpin a project done online by the book (Of course, the quality of its content comes first in any project). Eh. Hard to combined these three ... but if you're on. Ro, you can called himself professional and 90% job done well (if you do not get applause ... no problem, "- Freak, you got some applause? - I. For what? - If we do not applaud anyone, let alone applaud that p ** mine..).

Finally ... after searching in vain for some results gsp.ro, I remembered that there are sport.ro. Sports news portal of PRO ... TV ... @Media PRO ... and what else to be there. I remember that now cats on Monday sport.ro was a real challenge for my pc. The portal loads very hard and the browser suddenly took up ~ a few thousand K memory. Meanwhile, something has been fixed, especially on the design side. It looks a bit better and is easier to digest by both the browser and the user.

One thing I did not understand it and I see both sites (gsp.ro and sport.ro) navigation menu the siteThis link to "JOBS". On gsp.ro is a difference in color background to sport.ro ... do not catch anything like that link has nothing to do with sports. : -? HR problems? ... Or HR recruitment companies have disappeared?

sport.ro - main menu:

sport.ro jobs

gsp.ro - main menu:

gsp.ro estate jobs

Even if the main menu is displayed on an external link line on gsp.ro is made a difference in color between Sports links and so on. (Real GSP.RO? LOL. Traffic on a project bigger, go throw one on him ... irrelevant to apply "what is dick, the prefecture!?" Yeah.).
There is something serious, but it is a bad note in Chapter functionality. An uncle who has some basic knowledge about www can leave a link portal even main menu, Unwittingly. (* Gsp.ro keeps the main menu and on the estate. Sport.ro ... pause).

Another weird phase, this time only sport.roIs setting "autoplay = true"To videos. If you have the music stopped and by mistake you forgot the volume in the loudspeakers to the maximum, all you miss at 00: 03 AM, is to name a page with a video on sport.ro. The equation will be different. Gen: "vecini_la_usa = true"And if you consort aroused from sleep ..."sex_1_saptamana = false". I do not see the benefit of an autoplay than maybe in genre sites hi5.com. First visitor can stress and the second row is download some KB unnecessary server site. Thing to autoplay videos from a web page I think the time remaining when he invented Embed the video. It was a good method to attract the visitor's attention that you have been able to insert a video in a web page (WAU!).

sport.ro have said ANTI-SEO. I found so many pages in the portal without title (<title> = null </ title>). Especially those in / Video / ... *. Html.

sport.ro no title

For example page: VIDEO! Paris Hilton: "I adore Lukas Podolski!"Is a good example of SEO video and autoplay. SEO score between sport.ro and gsp.ro, is quite real. sport.ro: 72% - gsp.ro: 85% . Reported traffic No comment ...:

sport.ro vs gsp.ro

Now ... comes the most fun. Sport.ro advertise on a banner to "PRO TV news"...


Banner fixed ... leading to page:

PRO TV News - Not Found

"For the second consecutive year, news ProTV are nominees NOT FOUND":)))

WEB2.0 for PRO-fesionisti.

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