Webmail File Not Found in Roundcube / VestaCP [Fixed]

A solution for the error Webmail File Not Found in Roundcube which appeared after a update of packages on the server. Address /webmail is very used for accessing email service from Web interface. Even if it is more professional to use Outlook, Thunderbird, webmailThe method remains within the reach of many users.

Access email service in the browser it is possible only if on the email server we have installed a web software such as Roundcube. It is preferable to be functional.

Fix Webmail File Not Found in Roundcube (VestaCP / CentOS)

As I said above, after a update software al Roundcube, the service could not be accessed. In my case it's about Roundcube on VestaCP, but error is also common on other systems hosting management. The same can happen on cPanel or on a server running Ubuntu or another distribution Linux.

The requested resource was not found!
Please contact your server-administrator.
Failed request: example.com/webmaill

Webmail File Not Found in Roundcube
Webmail File Not Found in Roundcube /webmail

It's not a scary errorEven if Roundcube it is no longer functional. AdministratorThe servers can resolve the error in just 2 minutes.

Why does the File Not Found error appear when accessing Roudcube Webmail?

As he tells us in error message webmail. the resources of Roundcube were not found. The requested resource was not found!. Following the update Roundcube at the new interface (design), the skin present on the server did not match the one in the configuration Roundcube.

We execute the command line in the server and try to access /webmail:

tail -f /var/log/roundcubemail/errors.log

In errors.log we find the following error:

PHP Error: Error loading template for login in /usr/share/roundcubemail/program/include/rcmail_output_html.php on line 804 (GET /webmail/)

Line 804 is the one that queries the template Roundcube and cannot find the skin set in config.inc.php.

resolving error Roundcube: The requested resource was not found!

Time required:  2 minutes

We replace the name of the old skin Roundcube with the new name.

  1. We identify the skin name Roundcube

    We execute the command in the server:
    ls -all /usr/share/roundcubemail/skins

    Roundcube Skins

  2. We are editing the configuration file of Roundcube

    With the editor nano, we will correct the skin name Roundcube in config.inc.php. On the last line we must have: $config['skin'] = 'elastic'; .

    nano /etc/roundcubemail/config.inc.php

    Config Elastic Skin Roundcube

After saving the change, access /webmail si Roundcube it will work again.

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