What is a Modern Standby and with is different from Standby Classic (Sleep)

To understand better what is it Modern Standby pe Windows 11 si Windows 10, we have to look a little at the ways of sleep si standby Supported by Windows. Hibernate si Sleep.

When we are no longer active on the laptop, computer or when we finish our work, we can close the entire device (Shut Down) or we can put it in sleep mode Sleep or Hibernate. We know that in the classic way the difference between Sleep si Hibernate keep in the way the applications and open documents are stored when the computer enters standby.

By all means, then when we put a laptop or PC in the module Sleep (S3), everything we have open at that moment (applications, games, documents) will be kept at the memory level RAM. Restarting the computer from the module Sleep it will be done almost instantly. The computer consumes very little electricity when it is in the mode Sleep classic (you will see why specifically, classic).
module Hibernate keep open absolutely everything as well as the mode Sleep, only that all data of open applications and documents are stored on hard disk in the file hiberfil.sys. How long the laptop or computer is closed in Hibernate it will not consume any electricity. It is practically a complete shutdown of the entire system. Returning from mode Hibernate it is done a little slower than in the module Sleep (S3).

What is a Modern Standby and what is the difference compared to Sleep classic

Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new low consumption mode in standby for computers and especially for laptops. Modern Standby (S0) replaces the classic way of standby Sleep (S3), giving a energy management better.

The need for users to leave some applications open in a dormant mode when the laptop is in mode Sleep, led to the development of several types of Sleep, each with a separate technique and architecture.

Modern Standby (S0) is a form of Sleep (S3) which allows applications optimized for this mode to run periodically, with a low energy. Entering the mode Modern Standby it is done very quickly, and everything that is open at that moment on the computer will be kept. The hardware components will be turned off, but the memory will run with reduced consumption. These will allow the application processes to be optimized for Modern Standby to run in the background.
Thus, although the laptop or computer is in the mode Sleep (S0), it will come out automatically when you receive a VoIP call, a message on Teams or notifications from some applications. In this mode the screen will stay in the mode Screen Off, but it will go out for a few seconds when a notification is active.

For laptops the entry and exit from Modern Standby can be conditioned. Both the closing / opening of the valve and the change Modern Standby (S0) with Sleep (S3) when the laptop is connected to a power source.

Exiting this mode standby it is done almost instantly by pressing any key.

users Mac or MacBook I know this way very well Apple implemented for many years. On macOS is called Power Nap and allows periodic checking of emails, messages or other alerts when Mac is in mode Sleep.

How do we see if Modern Standby (S0) is activated on Windows 11

open Command Prompt with privileges administrator and execute the command line:

powercfg /a
What is a Modern Standby and how do we check if it is activated
Check Sleep States – Power Config

The following sleep states are available on this system:
Standby (S3)
Hybrid Sleep

The following sleep states are not available on this system:
Standby (S1)
The system firmware does not support this standby state.
Standby (S2)
The system firmware does not support this standby state.
Standby (S0 Low Power Idle)
The system firmware does not support this standby state.
Fast Startup
This action is currently disabled system policy.

In my scenario, the classic mode is activated Sleep. Standby (S3).

If you Modern Standby activated, it will appear: Standby (S0 Lower Power Idle) Network Connected/Disconnected. The Standby (S3) you will have: "This standby state is disabled when S0 low power idle is supported". That's how you'll know Modern Standby is active on the laptop / computer.

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