Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit) - Download and Minimum System Requirements

Windows 10 many promises. It is a worthy successor OS who made the History. Windows XP si Windows 7.
Microsoft brought some News si improvements very well received by those who have tested so far on personal computers. Many users are venturing to install an operating system Again, without documented well before installing it on PC. Not to mention the systems launched in beta, we do not recommend to install than developers and those ... like us. What do tests si tutorials operating systems :)

Windows 10 / Minimum system requirements

"Minimum System Requirements" refers to minimum performance al hardware basic altcatuiesc computer your. That does not mean that if your PC does minimum system requirements for Windows 10 for example, it will run in normal parameters on the PC. Not. The operating system will run, but the performance of your system is better, the more reliable the operating system, it will "move" better without blocking or launching hard applications. To make a comparison with something in real life, a Logan car and a Ferrari are basically the same thing. Both are on the road and theoretically with both we can reach the destination, but the difference in comfort, speed and stability between the two is immense. It's like computers.

If you already have an operating system installed Windows 7 or Windows 8 and you want to make the switch to Windows 10, we recommend "clean installation". That is, without using the installation Windows 10 from Update Center. In our tests we did this and we found that not all drivers and all applications which are installed on a Windows 7, they are ready for Windows 10. I had surprises even with one nVidia video card, which has not been seen by Windows 10.
Choose the version of Windows 10 it is also very important. Many install which version they hear is better, but without knowing exactly what it means "that version has more options on it, so it's better." First of all you need to know what architecture other hardware components have for your laptop or PC. If you have a computer or laptop with more than 3GB of RAM, then you will definitely need to install a version of it. Windows 10 with 64-bit architecture. This applies to older versions of Windows. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 si Windows 8.1, All these versions support and have been released with architectures on 32-bit and 64-bit. The first negative impact of installing an incorrect architecture of Windows, takes place between the operating system and the PC hardware. Installing one Windows 10 / 32-bit on a computer that has 6 GB of RAM, don't be surprised if the computer will only use a maximum of 3GB for system, applications and games. because 32-bit systems only support a maximum of 3 GB of RAM.
So when you are determined to install Windows 10 on a PC or laptop, Check first to see how much RAM your computer has. If you for example 2 GB RAM installed in the slot, you can install both 32-bit version (recommended), and on 64-bit architecture but systems 64-bit consume Much more memoryAnd the computer will be weaker. We recommend that for computers to RAM 3GB to install operating system on 32-bits. To understand what 32-bits and 64-bits mean, we're talking about two ways of processing CPU information. Systems on 32-bits have simpler processing system, and consume much less RAM than a system on 64-bits.
After you have established which version of Windows 10 choose for the computer, pay a little attention to storage space. Even if .iso installation image of Windows 10 2.9 and 3.5 has between GB hard disk installed system occupies more space. In addition, while or to appear Update-s that will also occupy the disk space. So for a system Windows 10 a 32-bit minimum disk space is recommended 20-25 GB, while for a system Windows 10 on 64-bit we recommend a minimum of 30-40 GB. Many specialized sites, give the recommended space GB respectively 16 20 64 GB-bit version, but it comes to installation space and so. No updates or other critical applications installed on the operating system.
Another important element is the processor. Do not venture to install Windows 10 on a mini-laptop with processor Intel Atom. Better looking to install Windows 10 on a Nokia 6500 Slide phone. It might run better :-)
Minimum requirements for processor (CPU) for Windows 10 would be from 1.4 GHz up, Single-core.
The edition of Windows which you choose to install must be for your needs. both Windows 7, Windows 8 as well Windows 10 have been released by Microsoft in several editions. Windows 7 for example, has no less than 6 editions, each optimized for a particular user group and for certain systems / computers. Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium (preinstalled on most laptops of trade), Windows Professional 7, Windows 7 Entertaking (with all the options included, but It is dedicated for proper business license / entertaken) if Windows 7 Ultimate. The latter containing all the news (feature) and version options Windows 7.
Windows 10 it is also launched in several editions, but this time Microsoft has divided it into two large categories which in turn have four subcategories. Windows 10 Core Experiences which has as sub-categories Windows 10 Home. Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Enterprize, Windows 10 Education yes Windows 10 Business Experiences which contains the same four subcategories, but the characteristics of the editions differ from those of the editions Windows 10 Core Experiences.
Business versions of Windows 10 come with a few options management and security In addition to the Core versions.
To see which the differences between the editions of Windows 10, Visit the official website of Microsoft. Compare Windows 10 Editions.


After you have determined that your system resources download and install the new one Windows 10. Microsoft offers free to download Windows 10 Home si Windows 10 ProDirectly from the official website. Download in English Windows 10.
Keep in mind that by downloading the image Windows 10 free, you are not exempt from copying license for Windows 10. License Windows 10 Home costs around $ 120and Windows 10 Pro around $ 200.

Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit) - Download and Minimum System Requirements

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