Windows 10 Insider Preview 17107.1000 - Redstone 4 Update

Microsoft has recently released a new "preview" update Windows 10 for users enrolled in "Microsoft Insider Program", Thus reaching the 17107 version.
In contrast to the previous versions, it does not bring noticeable significant changes to users, but it solves a series of bugs and improves the features and options of Windows 10 added in the previous update for Redstone 4.
It's also a novelty that even if not visible is especially important for laptops running the upcoming Windows 10 option. Microsoft has changed its management system Windows Update for the scenario in which Your PC is connected to an AC power source.

Windows UpdateChanges in RS4

Until this release, the Windows Update system behaves in a way that users could miss installing updates if the PC or laptop was open but did not work. The operating system, even if it had to make updates, switches to "Sleep" or "Hibernate" mode after the default time in "Settings", thus preventing updating.
We know that many times Microsoft releases successive Windows updates that do not install all at once. Sometimes you just need to restart before you start installing another update.
With this update made to Windows 10 RS5 v.17107, if your PC is connected to a power source but is not being used actively, it will wait until 2 hours to install the pending updates. It's a pretty good feature that Microsoft is trying to avoid missing urgent updates from users.

News and bugs resolved in Windows 10 Insider Preview 17107.1000

- The most "painful" issue that most Windows 10 RS4 testers have been related to is the "Themes" settings of Windows 10. The "Settings" panel closes suddenly when trying to access the "Themes" section.

- Some "typo" mistakes have been corrected in "Storage Sense Settings". Instead of letters, some odd characters appeared.

- Shutting down the Explorer.exe process is resolved when an external optical drive (DVD Drive)

- It has been solved the sudden shutdown of some applications when the "search" is used inside them. Ex. Notepad, Explorer, etc.

- The Windows Defender button was overwritten for the home button.

- Some users of the new releases have encountered the message "Please release the power button. We just need a few more seconds to shut down "when they wanted to shut down the PC. This is a typical message for Windows 10 Insider Preview. It will be a new function through which your PC can enter the "recovery" mode with the "shut down" button.

In addition to those mentioned above, Microsoft has resolved a number of functionality issues. We hope that at the release date of the final version of Windows 10, everything will be good for all users and the new features will not bring a wave of bugs and incompatibilities in applications. Especially those that are not made by Microsoft.

Windows 10 Insider Preview 17107.1000 - Redstone 4 Update

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