Windows 10 S - Optimized for security and performance

"Windows 10 S - Optimized for security and performance," Microsoft even says in presenting the latest operating system launched by the US company.

As to what this Windows 10 S really is, we can only say that it is a more rudimentary operating system than a mobile phone. If it compares to Android, Windows 10 S is much less flexible and much more limited. We could instead compare it to iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And let's see why.

The most important feature of Windows 10 S, We would say that is performance or security. These remain two points that we can only comment on after being tested by users who will buy laptops with Windows 10 S. The main feature of Windows 10 S is that the new system does not allow applications to be installed except in the Windows Store.
If you Windows 10 and you do not know what it is Windows Store, There is no tragedy. It's kind of Apple's App Store or as Google Play Google, with the difference that Windows Store was unable to attract either 5% of Windows 10 users.

Another very important feature of Windows S 10, is that internet browserdefault will be Microsoft Edge. All the words of Microsoft, Edge is a browser offer added securityCompared with Firefox si Chrome.
And that security be even better, the Microsoft Edge search engine, is Bing. Without the ability to make Google Search and other search engine in place.

Who is using Windows 10 S?

Probably…students or those who working office only with Microsoft Office and need from time to time more accessible to a web page.

The operating system is released with the latest Microsoft device. Surface LaptopOptimized specifically for Windows 10 S.
This laptop has a very affordable price, the starting price of approximately $ 1000 in USAnd in Europe will most likely around 900 - 1000 EUR. The price will be for the i5 RAM 4GB, GB SSD 128 and with the integrated video card, Intel HD Graphics 620.

It is very likely that laptop manufacturers will be focusing on low-cost products that will be provided with Windows 10 S. There are more and more models on the market that are priced below 1.000 RON. With Windows 10 S, we may see devices at 700 - 800 RON, but the question will be, "What are we going to do with them?"

Windows 10 S - Optimized for security and performance

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