Windows 11 23H2 with Copilot AI for applications

Despite numerous important updates throughout the year, Microsoft continues its tradition of delivering major fall updates. On September 11, 26, Microsoft will officially release the major version Windows 2023 11H23 with Copilot AI for applications, along with many other enhancements.

It is very important to note that this feature "Copilot" does not refer to "Windows Copilot” which is already in user testing Windows Insider Program.

What does Windows 11 23H2 with Copilot AI for applications mean?

Microsoft is expanding the capabilities of artificial intelligence to facilitate interactions between the user and applications Windows 11. So that, by "prompts" in "Copilot", the user can "ask applications" to perform certain operations that would otherwise require a lot of time and experience. So, "Copilot” is a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help the user in applications such as: Paint, Photos, Outlook, Clipchamp.

Accessing "Copilot” is available to every user, this new tool being present in the task bar (Taskbar) or activated by simple key combination Win+C.

Microsoft states that this update Windows 11 23H2 brings over 150 new features, many of which are features we've already seen introduced in beta versions Windows Insider.

app Paint, which for a long time was a useless application that Microsoft seemed to completely forget about, is now significantly improved with the help of artificial intelligence, being ideal for drawing and digital creation. They are added to the application Paint background removal functions (remove background) and layers (layers), as well as a preview of “Cocreator", which brings the power of generative artificial intelligence to the app Paint.

Cocreator in Windows 11 23H2 with Copilot
Cocreator in Windows 11 23H2 with Copilot

app Photos is greatly enhanced with the help of artificial intelligence. New photo editing features are introduced. With the function Background Blur you can highlight the subject in a photo, quickly and easily. application Photos automatically finds the background in the photo and with one click instantly highlights the subject and blurs the background. For the app Windows Photos the search function is also improved, so now you can quickly find the photo you're looking for based on the photo's content. Artificial intelligence will analyze the elements of each photo and thus the search system will have much greater accuracy than at present. You can also find photos based on where they were taken.

Remove Photo Background with Copilot
Remove Photo Background with Copilot

The capabilities of artificial intelligence will be expanded into more applications, and as revealed in the presentation video, Copilot it's about to interact with Adobe's creative apps too, which we know already have artificial intelligence built into them. An example is Adobe Photoshop, where graphic editing can now be done by "prompts".

From what a Microsoft announced, Windows 11 23H2 with Copilot AI will be released on September 26, 2023.  Microsoft 365 Copilot for companies (Enterprise) will also be released this fall, on November 1, 2023.

Alongside these updates that bring significant improvements with the help of generative artificial intelligence, Windows 11 23H2 it brings important updates to other apps as well.

Snipping Tool now offers more ways to capture screen content. With this update, the user can extract specific text content from an image to paste into another application or easily protect sensitive information with the text redaction features available in the post-capture window. With the addition of sound capture using audio support and a microphone, it's easier to create engaging videos and on-screen content.

Clipchamp, now with auto-composition, offers suggestions for scenes, edits and narratives automatically based on the user's images and recordings, so they can create and edit videos to share with family, friends and social networks.

Notepad is getting a very important update. The application will automatically start saving sessions, allowing the user to close Notepad no longer receiving session termination dialogs. Notepad it will automatically restore previously opened files as well as unsaved content and changes in those open files.

New Outlook for Windows, the user can connect and coordinate different accounts (incl Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud or others) in a single application. Smart tools help you write clear and concise emails and easily attach documents and photos imported from OneDrive.

Windows Backup make the move to a new PC with Windows 11 easier than ever. With Windows Backup, moving most files, apps and settings from one PC to another is seamless, so everything is exactly as it was on the old computer. About this backup and restore feature Windows 11 we will discuss in other articles.

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