Build Windows 7 7106 - Download New Themes & Sounds

Although not officially launched Windows 7 Build-7106 090408.winmain.163Has arrived to test one of our systems. At first glance, since the installation phase, I had a little shock. The installer started in RussianAnd after the first restart I looked at some heroglife @ Chinese (Traditional) in all their splendor. It seems that this version was released only version Russian-ChineseBut after complete installation of the system you can set English language (U.S.).
At first glance, the differences between Windows and Windows 7 7000 Build 7 Buils 7106 are not very large. Notice is visual themes (Themes) and sounds.

New Themes in Windows 7.


New Sounds in Windows 7.


The last screenshot, you can see some buttons written in Chinese Language. This problem can be easily solved in "control Panel"->"Region and Language"->"Change display language".
For those who choose not to install Windows 7 Build 7106, just for themes and sounds we can download and copy in Windows 7 Build 7000.

Download Windows 7 Build 7106 visuals themes & sounds:

- Windows download pack 7 themes:> download link. This archive contains new graphical themes in Windows 7 Build 7106: aero.themes, architecture.theme, characters.theme, landscapes.theme, nature.theme, scenes.theme.

- Download Windows 7 Sounds> download link.

To "install" these themes and sounds, copy the contents of the folder "Themes" into "C: WindowsResourcesThemes' and Media (sounds) in" C: Windows ". (C: may differ. Depending on the partition on which you installed Windows7).

Build Windows 7 7106 - Download New Themes & Sounds

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