Windows 7 - Desktop Gadgets [Access, Download, Install & Remove]

Desktop gadgetSites made their first device operating system Windows Vista. I say "first" as the default elements Microsoft Windows.
In the operating system Windows Vista, the gadgets appeared immediately after installing Windows 7 desktop GadgetsOSon Windows Sidebar. With the launch of the system Windows 7, these small applications were "hidden" leaving activation each user their choice. Desktop gadgetSites in Windows 7 si Vista are applications with quick access from Desktop. Calendar, Watch, CPU meter, RSS Reader, Weather and more.
How to access Desktop Gadgets in Windows 7.

1. Right click pe DesktopAnd in the context menu we click "Gadgets".


2. In Gadget Gallery find gadgets that are already installed. Available.
To enable a gadget just choose a gadget and make double-click it.

windows gadgets gallery

The image above appears only default installed gadgets in the gallery Windows 7. To download and install more gadgets, do click on the link "Get more gadgets online"The Gadget Gallery.

gadgets online gallery

3. Click on the button Download in English & Click on the install.


4. Select the gadget to open the Windows Desktop Gadgets & Click OK.

open apps

5. Security Warning - Click Install

Security Warning

6. The new desktop gadget has been installed. - CPU Meter (Eight, Quad, Triple and Dual Core)

CPU meter gadget windows

Uninstall Desktop Gadgets

1. In Gadget Gallery right-click the gadget you want to remove & click Uninstall.

uninstall desktop Gadgets

Windows Gadgets are fun, but I don't think it's okay to keep them on permanently. After you activate a few gadgets, you will notice that the sidebar.exe process will require some RAM (in Task Manager > Tab "Processes"). Not much, but enough to interfere if you run large applications.

Windows 7 - Desktop Gadgets [Access, Download, Install & Remove]

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