Windows 7 Enterprize 90-Trial - Available for download until December 31, 2010

Because I do not know whose "scientific experiment" Microsoft came to be regarded as a kind of Santa grafted with Easter Bunny (Or a be in competition with those two?), But it's certainly not complain. As I said in a previous post, one of the recent "gifts" Microsoft has been . The deadline for availability of this version of "clock" should be yesterday March 31 2010. However (and despite the fact that today is April 1), It was decided extension Promotion until December 31 2010, Which means you can download si forehead this particular trial at any time until the end.

Windows 7 Enter90-day Trial outlet is available in two versions - 32bit and 64bit - In several languages ​​- including not one and Romanian.

If you decide to test this trial computer (-ies) provided, above all, make sure that:

  • You made a back-up important data stored in PC
  • processor that lets you install the OS, ie 1GHz minimum, 1GB minimum RAM si 16 GB minimum hard drive space
  • you DVD drive compatible
  • you Internet access


Download Windows 7 Enter90-day Trial outlet.


  • Although available until the New Year is just 90 trial days. For example, You can download and install this trial until December 31, but it will expire after 3 months after installation, after which the system will start to restarteze from hour to hour.
  • The trial must be activated within a maximum of 10 days from its installation, otherwise the system will start to crash restarteze from hour to hourUntil it is activated (You do not need product keyIt is integrated into installation image).
  • The fact that this post was published on April 1 - the traditional day of pranks - is a simple coincidence and must be treated as such.

Windows 7 Enterprize 90-Trial - Available for download until December 31, 2010

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