7 Windows Family Pack - was liquidated stock!

Less than two months after the launch of the new operating system Windows 7, microsoft prepared a surprise bad this time, customers who own multiple PCs in the home and that 3 license package in 1 was at least reasonable solution: stock was exhausted.


Thank you for your interest in Windows 7. The Windows 7 Family Pack is now sold out through many of our partners. Please check our other offers.

U.S. customers who have waited too long (in terms defined by Microsoft, of course) can already take their mind off necostisitorul Windows 7 Family Pack (3 Home Premium licenses in total price $ 149,99) The only remaining option to purchase separate licenses (one only costing $ 119,99). For those in Europe there are few chances (not much though) to kiss such a gift before the end of the year, but they are so small they will probably go unnoticed (eg Microsoft UK site not any reference to already existing fossil Windows 7 Family Pack, also, Windows 7 no price translated for several European countries, among which Romania and D).

This movement is not random Microsoft, given that winter and holiday season gifts is just the beginning, But a company spokesman said that Windows 7 Family Pack was an offer on the stock, Which benefited only a few countries "privileged".

7 Windows Family Pack - was liquidated stock!

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