7 Windows XP Login Screen & Taskbar for

you tested You like the look but have decided to return to . Or have not been able to test Windows 7, but you know how it looks. And now you want to customize Windows XP so that they resemble as much as new "toy" to where Microsoft.

For those who want to change classical theme of XP like Windows 7 one can go . But if you want to use other themes for XP, but crave some characteristicand the Windows 7, then it's good to know that borrowing some aspects of 7's (such as login screenCPC or taskbarCPC) by XP is possible.

1. Download Win7 login screen for XP.


extract logonui.exe archive, and replace it with file logonui.exe from % Windir% System32. After reboot, your PC will tell Welcome 7 style windows. :)

2. unusual design But and functionality 7 taskbar in Windows XP has attracted the attention of many users. Using these applications, You can customize your system taskbar so that it resembles the Windows 7.

Download XP taskbar Iconizer.

(application allows changing the position of taskbar buttons).


Success! ;)

7 Windows XP Login Screen & Taskbar for

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